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    Yeah! Thanks for this interesting video, David! :)

    I've never heard of this project, so I am really willing to see the whole of it!
    Fedor, please :bow: give us the site or whatever! I will appreciate it very much!
    Have a nice day, GUYS! ;)

    A very interesting, honest, revealing interview!
    Thank you, Glenn, for speaking so much about Bulgaria! I am really moved by your beautiful words about Kaliakra! Thanks for your concerns about the nurses held in Libya!
    You ARE GREAT!

    See you on May 6th in Kavarna!

    Best wishes for luck and success! :thumbup:


    Thank you, Anya, for sharing this with us - Glenn's loyal fans!

    And God bless the persons who invented the net and all other devices for recording, playing etc. so that now we can see and hear what Glenn is doing kilometers away from us! It is amazing! And sharing all this with you GH Crazy People makes me really happy! :thumbup: :)

    Wishing you all the best

    Anya, many thanks for sharing your experience and your feelings! :) I had no doubts that the gigs would be great and especially Glenn's performance! :claphands
    David, thank you for the link, I read the reports, very interesting, and the pics too! :clapper:


    Hello, Anya!
    Thank God you reappeared! Please, tell us more about Glenn's show in Moscow!! :bow: How many people attended it, what about the play list?
    Hope you'll find some time to tell us all these! :thumbup:
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Have a nice day, everyone! xxx :)

    You're welcome, Grace! :thumbup:

    As for the rest I don't know. You'd better ask someone who lives in Russia and has probably read the newspaper, or at least knows what this is all about.

    Maybe in the inner pages there is some material about Glenn, who knows? :confused:

    Although there's been 'battle' among the 'reporters' of the tour i still think that there is not enough information. If it is possible can you brief us about every show in Russia? We want pictures too. How is Glenn? How is he and his band feeling? Is everything going OK?

    So, please, don't keep us in suspense! :huh:

    Have a nice day, everyone! ;)

    Hi everyone!
    It would be great to witness a DP M3 reunion concert! :bow:
    What do you think - where would it take place? America, UK?
    I wonder because I live in Europe :confused:

    I'm from Bulgaria and I watched the new video of Glenn. It is great, it was made in Bulgaria and directed by a Bulgarian director. By dedicating this video to the Bulgarian nurses in Libya Glenn proved that besides being a great musician he is a great person too, with big heart! We love him!