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    Just received the Ken Hensley Blood on the Highway box set including the DVD "The making of..." which contains a short segment of Glenn in the studio singing The Last Dance. The camera angle is not the best but the few minutes that Glenn is filmed makes interesting viewing!

    Can someone tell me who is stocking this in the UK. Certainly none of the big store (HMV, Virgin) sites have it and I have only been able to find in on not the uk Amazon site.
    Release is slated for Nov 26 they that correct?

    Just received my copy of the Live in London CD which I am very pleased with. I have had the vinyl album since it came out in '82 so was keen to see (hear!) the difference. The additions in terms of between song chat and the inclusion of Space Truckin' are worth the wait alone.

    I did notice that both David and Glenn's voices sounded like you would expect at the end of the long UK tour...."well used" but this does not detract from the performance.

    Glenn's contribution is 100% as usual and a joy to hear on CD rather than through the scratches on vinyl.

    What are other opinions?

    I have searched the site but cannot find where I can download Holy Man and the Japanese bonus tracks from Fused etc. (I have the Innocence)
    Can anyone assist me please?
    Cheers :thumbup:

    David thanks for your response. I did have a quick search through the CTC issues but was just being lazy!!!
    Thanks anyway but any other feedback from members is still appreciated.

    I recently bought the Brazen Abbot Live and Learn and was impressed and would like to investigate some other albums that I don't have. I would be interested in comments as to the tracks Glenn apprears on and what you think of them...please!

    Not all are available on iTunes as far as I can see.

    1. George Lynch Sacred Groove
    2. Manfred Ehlert's Amen
    3. Billy Leisegang No strings attached
    4. Nikolo Kotzen's Nostradamus

    Many thanks to all !!! ;)


    Just been playing Face the Truth. I do think Glenn's contribution here is excellent.
    One off topic question I have; Who is singing on Opium Trail?

    Just received the new Ken Hensley CD "Blood on the Highway" featuring Glenn on 2 tracks "What you gonna do" and "The Last Dance". These are 2 great performances by Glenn particularily The Last Dance" which is an 8 minute epic with a great climax showcasing Glenn at his best!

    Since Ken and Glenn are my two all time favourite musicians and both on the same CD and on my birthday I couldn't ask for a better present!

    Check this CD out!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if Glenn and Ken Hensley have performed live together on stage before?
    Should be an interesting and fantastic show!