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    When I bought this Sabbath album at a record fair many many years ago a asked the seller if the singer on this album was a good singer. (at this point I only had Dio and Tony MArtin sabbath records) and the seller said: yes this guy, Glenn Hughes, can sing pretty well ...... First I thought he jsut wanted to sell me this record but I soon found out this seller was damn right!

    Anyway "Angry Heart" would be a real vintage song to hear live

    :huh: Well,where have you been gone during the seventies for not knowing who Glenn was...

    I love Glenn so much,a great man,as far as David is concerned,too bad that he spent his life trying to be Robert Plant,it's well worth trying,but...he won't be.

    MK III line-up is my favorite without a doubt:bouncer:

    Wanted the MK IV band to be my favorite, but Tommy's addiction got the best of him throughout most of his time with DP. It was a brilliant album though.

    But I have to admit that I have a soft spot for MK II...especially the "Who Do We Think We Are" album. "Woman From Tokyo" and "Rat Bat Blue" still tear me up:guitarmet

    Yeah,you're all right,what a great stuff!!!! :thumbup:

    Well,Jimi is too messy,let's have Jimmy Page on guitar,Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals,let us pray the Lord for John Bonham to come back on drums,and if neccessary,we'll invite John Paul Jones on keyboards. What do you think of that?Robert will probably kill me...Lot of fun,Percy,we love you.