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    Hey, Kat pretty killer shots!
    David, I'll make sure at least a clip of the now infamous cowbell solo is released to the music world! William Hung just called and said his people are trying to work in the cowbell to future live performances of "She Bangs"!
    R&R, Lou

    I noticed none of you yahoos made it up to the Club Level when you were here (you shouldn't have been able to unless you were paying a boatload of money), so you missed the wall of honor for Glenn.

    Prominently displayed in the main rotuda of that floor (across from the Sonny and Cher display case and the Club Lounge) is the "Voice of Rock Wall".

    It's not completely finished but you get the idea. If anyone has anything especially cool to add to it let me know (I'll consult w/the impartial If it meets the test I'll have it framed and mounted.

    The photograph in the pic reads, "To the Hard Rock Hotel, may all who sleep here have sweet dreams", Glenn Hughes.

    Saw Glenn this morning before his flight out and he said he had....

    It was good seeing you folks again and glad many had a good time. Hope to see you all again (except for Frank who is neither invited back for overpriced drinks or lead belly pizza).

    Rock & Roll, Lou