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    Well, the hands are going, so no more live work, no more 2 hour shows for me on a Friday and Saturday night.

    Mr H, you’re a lucky man, I'm 5 years younger than you are!

    It hasn't stopped me recording so long as I work in short bursts, I can do half an hour or so at a time and they'll still do what I tell them, and I can still operate a mouse and sing for longer as required.

    I thought I'd better have a go at one of Mr H's songs whilst I'm still reasonably capable, and so here it is, having taken me since before Christmas. Well, what else was I going to do during lockdown?? Recorded in the home studio (garage) using Cubase 10.5, the guitar is a Bernie Marsden PRS signature, the bass a Status S2.

    I'll let you all find the original song and album, I know it won't take most of you very long, lets just say I don't sing like Glenn Hughes and I don't play a guitar like Marc Bonilla, but I’ll have a bloody good go! :D

    If it tickles your fancy there will also an alternative 'guitar edit' on YouTube as well sometime next week unless this one gets shot down first!

    NB 26/03 the 'Guitar Edit' version is now up on my Youtube channel here if you'd care to have a look, the second half of the song is very different from either the original or this version, I just had too much fun widdling away while recording,

    Lioness's post about Bernie Marsden appearing with GH reminded me of this, I'd almost forgotten about it -

    Some time ago I bought a guitar. Like you do.

    Having never been a fan of Les Pauls because they're just too damn heavy, I knew that PRS made a good alternative at a competitive price and weight.

    When I heard they were releasing a Bernie Marsden signature, I tried one, liked it and bought it.

    Bernie did a PRS showcase local to me last year and I got him to sign the guitar. He has produced a CD of backing tracks that he uses at his guitar clinics, I bought one and took a track - 'Morris Minor', used that guitar and put my own melody over it. This is the result - I'm 'interfering' with his track.

    Hope you like it. Note - all rights belong to BM

    and, yes, it is basically guitar karaoke, but hey, why not?

    Just found this on Ross Halfin's site, I think the pics are already here somewhere -


    April 3

    Spent a sunny day in Soho in London shooting Glenn Hughes. Good to see Glenn, it had been a while. I took Peter Makowski along as Peter’s known Glenn since the Dawn Of Man, or the Dawn of Deep Purple's Burn LP. Peter Noble, Glenn’s PR, gave me the California Breed cd which is rather good.

    The only person missing from the old 'Sounds' (music broadsheet from the 70's) was Geoff Barton!

    I was taken aback when I heard, thought about it for a while and condolences go, of course, to wife Vicky & daughters.
    However, I'd like to think that wherever he is now, it won't be long before he'll be having a party and raising merry hell (figuratively speaking) with Tony Ashton!

    Crash bang wallop absolutely stonking gig, even by GH standards.

    Everyone on fire, even caught Anders smiling now and again, result!. Pontus's facial contortions proving he was bouncing up and down on something sensual all night, solo short, sweet and very audience engaging, Soren looking cool and doing the guitarist thang, spot on. GH obviously in a very happy place, talking to us as well as giving it all away, this lovely chappie got his mojo working by the bucketload at the mo'.

    If you haven't got a ticket to a show yet, go find one.

    You know you want to and you won't be disappointed :D

    Is a show being recorded properly during this tour?

    I went to the Nottingham gig ( plus 2 converts :)) and apart from the vocal mix (too low earlier in the show) I stand in awe, as I have done ever since Trentham 74, Southend '96 and numerous since...

    Going to the gig, watching the tour diary, poodling about on the forum - Mr Bonamassa next sunday in Cambridge, BCC now and next year
    I'm a happy bunny.

    Thanks all :D


    This might take a few seconds to load as apparently it's a large file, so click the link and grab a cuppa.....

    It's my lot live at a local charidee event, playing to three men and a dog for beer. But it is 'The Mistreated' playing 'Burn'.
    Bern Reeve on guitar, check out the last 30 seconds, he's totally immersed in in and doesn't know where he is. Doc up front, Martin is ever holding up the rear 'cause that what he does best (!) and I'm the other one:

    this takes me back.... I bought the original vinyl, '77 I think, and the CD with the bonus tracks as well. (Can't remember when I got that though, possibly '02? it must be an age thing) I remember being impressed with the guitar synth as described in the liner notes.

    It still gets played regularly :)

    This is my lot,
    at the tail end of last year. we've just acquired a new vocalist and will be back out live at the end of may:


    'The Mistreated' Live,Nov 2009[/ame]
    'The Mistreated' Live, Nov 2009[/ame]

    'Burn' and 'Mistreated' are both in the set, unfortunately no video but there is an audio version of 'Mistreated' up on the band's web site

    What chance of a support slot come september, anyone??? ;)
    Have fun watching, i certainly have fun playing!


    How come Glenn doesn't seem to return to some previous venues?
    I've been to gigs in Cambridge and Northampton (Roadmenders) in previous years and they've always been cracking shows. Simple economics? who knows,
    I'll be there again this year come hell or high water :)