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    Well what can i say Whitesnake were awesome Sunday night in
    Melbourne 95 minutes of pure mayhem, can't believe after 30 years of the "Snakes'" the voice is still as powerful as ever from
    a "whisper to a scream", and the band were simply amazing, you
    can imagine the star of the show, strutting around like a demon,
    throwing the microphone up and down, i think you get the picture
    "Ain't No Love in The Heart of The City" there was plenty of that on stage, magnificent!

    Although it doesn't break any new ground, it does sound a lot like
    1987 revisited, but if you like that type of music then "Good To Be Bad" isn't such a "bad' thing, once again it all boils down to personal tastes, and how you will perceive the "Snakes" in 2008.
    Looking forward to their tour of Australia around the end of March. You can listen to the whole album at this great site
    "Melodic Rock".

    This would be quite an interesting one, i personally reckon it will never happen, a "Purple" reunion with the "Burn" lineup. It's quite obvious there would be only one person, that would have very little interest, and no doubt there would be a few egos invloved.

    and that's one thing that would be too difficult to keep in check?

    With the recent "Zeppelin" reunion no matter what has been said or well documented, and Plants voice is not the same at 59 but the concert went down a storm, and with 20 million people interested and 100 million hits on their "Page" what more can you say. I hate to say if a "Purple" reunion was on the cards i can guarantee they would not get the same amount of interest.

    The first album is an all time classic. With the amount of writing and performing with each new release and with Glenn's career now reaching and deservedly so new "horizons", and touring many different parts of the world in support of his up and coming new material, i wonder if Glenn will have time for a 2nd one?

    Are some people jumping to conclusions? At least their is some
    excellent news a full recovery is on the way. Having been an Asia
    fan since their stunning debut way back in 1982, and admittedly
    some of their later day material had their moments, and although
    John Payne took over the reins i still enjoyed their music. I read
    a couple of comments that he went a little overboard during his
    30 year or more career, or his actual diet, food intake. hmmm?
    Are those 2 people guessing what actually happened or is it
    an actual fact? Having checked out the "John Wetton" site
    their is very little or no detail as to why he had the surgery.
    Unless those 2 people had the "Foreigners" "Inside Information"
    I look forward to everyone's thoughts.

    Amazing stuff and the quality is quite good. Here we go again
    and to actually view rare footage, or in some respects would
    we actually see any material at all is simply astonishing during
    "Come Taste The Band" with Tommy Bolin, Glenn, and Coverdale.
    Go to the above and you will see 4 tracks: "Love Child" "You Keep On Moving","Highway Star" & "Burn". Uncertain with the clips had arisen but check it out, and would love to see what
    everyone thinks. Awesome!:

    :thumbup: We can understand why a sticker will be placed on the remastered "Stormbringer" with the explicit lyrics at the beginning of the track i guess that will still be the case
    "Co--s----r" Motherf---er", that shall be quite interesting,
    hopefully that's confirmed mmmmmm

    This is amazing, can't believe that this site which has a huge reputation for viewing videos especially music, type in your favourite bands i have many, Aldo Nova, Scorpions, and you will come up with some incredible surprises. Here we go "Youtube"
    type in Deep Purple and to my amazement a live film clip featuring
    Glenn, David Coverdale, and yes you will be blown away, Highway Star with "Tommy Bolin" with Deep Purple, check it out now!!!! Let me know what you think

    As i believe the video was heavily bootlegged over the years but finally an expected release originally in August, but a slight delay
    due to whatever problems they had. As the day got closer the anticipation was growing not to mention the excitement of your own copy. As i can vaguely remember them in Australia in '77, this
    dvd reminded me how powerful an act they were. The amazing vocals of Dio at his absolute peek, Cozy ripping up a storm, and
    Ritchie,"guitar on fire". If there is a minor problem the concert is a
    little dark, but it's a killer. I understand Ritchie was in jail for 2 or 3 days too, for kicking someone's head in, you will crack up laughing when you hear the interview from Bob Daisley. My other minor squibble there is no "Stargazer". The tracks are very long too: Kill The King 4:42, Mistreated 11:49, 16th Century
    Greensleeves 8:32, Catch The Rainbow 18:14 Long Live rock and roll 8:14 Man On A Silver Mountain 16:25, a whopping Still I"m Sad 27:33 and Do You Close Your Eyes 15:40, and 3 promotional
    videos all in all stunning!!!!!

    Great to see Glenn made it back to Australia, the past week or so, a couple of acoustic shows, and no doubt he thoroughly
    enjoyed both shows. Excellent to hear there may be a full blown
    show due the next few months. Also not too far off may be the
    remastering of "Stormbringer", which i understand will include
    3 vocal versions of "Soldier Of Fortune" a killer instrumental
    version of "Lady Double Dealer" and the x-rated version of
    "Stormbringer" where Coverdale opens with "Co-k Suc--r
    Mother Fuc--r", could this one be actually confirmed? mmmmmmmmmm sounds pretty interesting, great to see Glenn
    will be fully involved.

    :lol:here is a track listing for the above 27th February:
    cd1 Highway Star, Black Night, Talk About Love, Twist In The tale, Perfect Strangers, Beethoven, John Lord solo, Knocking at your backdoor, Anyone's daughter, Child in Time
    cd2 Anya, Battle Rages On,Lazy, Drum Solo, Space Trucking,Woman From Tokyo,Paint it black, hush, Smoke on the water.
    cd3 Highway star, black night,talk about love,twist in the tale, perfect strangers,the mule,beethovens ninth, knocking at your backdoor,anyone's daughter,child in time.
    cd4 anya,battle rages on,lazy,in the hall of the mountain king,space trucking, woman from tokyo, paint it black,speed king, hush, smoke on the water. It's quite a lot to get through, what do you all think?

    :thumbup: I had just recently read a "strong" rumour that Glenn may perform sometime "downunder". If you will pardon the "Tull" pun my god was my initial reaction. Being a huge fan, that will really be something to look forward too, i can only keep my fingers crossed. It as usual has been an amazing year for Glenn and his band, with more tours planned next year, it's amazing that he very rarley stops working, talk about making up for lost time! and why not! With a number of re-issues, extra tracks on cd's especially the "Burn" cd earlier on in the year, and looks as though "Stormbringer" may be due for a "new gloss", new material on the horizon, once again it looks as though 2006 will
    be a "Hughes" year next year. On another note i shall be purchasing "California Jam" dvd which all reports is amazing.

    To my surprise another due early next year, Rainbow "Live In Munich" featuring, Cozy Powell, Dio, and Ritchie, 7 tracks, a whopping 120 minutes long, good stuff. Just before i close the letter i wish everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year, thanks for the opportunity.

    :thumbup: Features one of the greatest pairs in heavy metal Sabbath- riff-meister extra-ordinare. Fused far surpasses the previous efforts, in fact this album is a contender for best metal album of 2005. It's that good.

    The pair are joined by session drummer and the producer.Iommi's patented pile-driver riffs are brilliantly complimented by the incredibly soulful vocals of Glenn, this is what great heavy metal is all about. What an amazing combination, extreme heaviness, soulful class, great songs, all young wannabees take note. Every track is brilliant & production is flawless, so rich, so heavy with an incredible live ambiance that greatly enhances Iommi's monumental guitar tone as well as the drum mix and Glenn's voice holy {fu-k}! The man's voice is a true gift, so powerful yet so melodic & soulful. I have been a huge fan since Purple and all solo albums. What an unbelievable talent, it's so refreshing hearing him paired up with Iommi, belting out powerful anthems. Don't get me wrong i love Glenn's funk fueled solo albums but hearing his voice paired with the ultimate metal guitarist is like a true remedy.
    I haven't heard a metal guitar/vocal duo this powerful since Blackmore/Dio Every song is a metal classic.

    You want to hear the real deal buy this!

    Thought you may enjoy the review.

    Regards Peter Crisp

    :lol: I am very very pleased to say, in relation to Vandenberg, there is a "Live In Japan dvd out now! I shall give the tracklisting, recorded in 1984 at the height
    of their career, sounds great. I remember having one of their records a classic
    at the time. I think it was entitled "Heading For A Storm". Here we go:
    1 Heading For A Storm
    2 Ready For You
    3 Back On My Feet
    4 Your Love Is In Vain
    5 Friday Night
    6 Welcome To The Club
    7 Kamikaze{Instrumental}
    8 This Time Will Tell
    9 This Is War {Drum Solo}
    10 Out In The Streets
    11 Different Worlds
    12 Wait
    13 Rock On
    14 Burning Heart
    15 Waiting For The Night
    Extras a live tv show with 1 track Barenden Van Dorp?
    A Documentary on them as well, not to mention 4 bonus video clips
    1 Burning Heart, 2 Love In Vain, 3 Different Worlds, 4 ONce In A Lifetime. There you have it, no problems, looking forward to feedback

    During the past few months, it has been quite amazing the amount of work Glenn has been doing. Recently the live cd/dvd companion, the amazing "Burn" remaster including the extra tracks and a magnificent 24 page colour book on the "Burn" sessions!! Great stuff. Finally, although it was pretty easy to listen too the aborted second Glenn Hughes/ Toni Iommi album online, after an 8 year period it finally sees the light of day. Although it is short on time, it still kills. As his new "Soul Mover" is due very soon, and to my listening could this actually be one of the best releases he has done in ages? If i can use a term, i can assure you all his fans will be "moved", and for some other great news Glenn and Tony Iommi, are now recording! This is too good! 2005 will be an awesome year for Glenn, that is for certain.

    It will be a tough decision to make, but in relation to Glenn's forthcoming dvd, the review so far visually, it's very poor quality. But being a fan, it's difficult not to own your own copy. Because of the negativity it will be interesting to see how his fans will react. I am looking forward
    to read the comments

    that would be great