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    Hi everybody!I am new on this site so does anybody have any advice for me? :thumbup: I am 12 years old and probably the youngest ghcp! :D !I have a dad that is also on this site that is called johnnyboyuk and i have a sister who is emmauk! :) I went to my first glenn gig last month at Roadmender in Northampton :singer: Please remember everbody i am only 12 so please dont note me on my spelling mistakes! :rolleyes:

    Well done Chris!I wish you a very happy future with your new wife!:bridegroom:
    I am new on this site so please tell me if im doing anything wrong! :D Thank you!!! :thumbup:

    Great pics!!!its so good to see them back together again! :thumbup: This is my first message so please forgive me if i do anything wrong! :rolleyes: I went to see Glenn with my dad(johnnyboyuk)and my sister(emmauk)in Northhampton!It was great to finally meet him!He is a great singer :singer: and is so very talented on the bass guitar! :claphands