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    Umm yeah i would like a ipod and a new mobile phone for christmas!! :) !! Dad if you read this i would like a ipod and a new phone :D thanx!!! :lol: Umm i dont know what glenn has asked for :huh: Emma what do you want for christmas then??? xxkelzangelxx

    You are right tony g because glenn hughes IS the best singer in the world even thought i am only thirteen i think i have good taste in music!!dont u think??? ;) xxkelzangelxx

    Yes i also agree! :clapper: The glenn hughes album is great i always listen to it around christmas because it makes me happy!! :) If i was to choose a song not done by glenn it would be gingle bells because i used to listen to it when i was a little girl about 9 years ago!! :) !! xxkelazngelxx

    Hi everyone!Thank you david and shirean for making the website great.Ive only been on this website for 2 Months and Im loving every day of it!I am getting used to this site with everybodys help and support incluing my sister and my dad that is also on this site emmauk my sister and johnnyboyuk my dad! Were all ghcps!! I cant wait untill christmas because i love spending time with all my family!! I would just like to say merry christmas to everyone!I hope everybody has a good time!! xxkelzangelxx

    yer i agree!like emmauk says i wish Northampton come up again because that was my first gig and i realy enjoyed it! :thumbup:Well emmauk is my sister so i have to agree with her! :sint1: xxkelzangelxx

    Hi Kelly, and WELCOME!!

    I was only a year or two older than you when I first heard Glenn sing, probably 13 or 14....and thought he was the greatest singer. I am 47 years old now, and I have heard a lot of musicians and singers in my life, and still think he is the greatest! Isn't that crazy?:clapper:

    THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE!! :thumbup: My dad used to listen to Glenn when i was about 7 and i liked him then and i still do!So that is 5 years! :lol: I hope i get a chance to talk to you again soon! ;) bye bye! kelzangel xx

    THANK YOU!!thanx alot grace for your great advice you gave me! :thumbup: You are so right about not bothering about anything else!By the way i dont :) !!Glenn has a great voice and i WONT bother with anybody else! :lol: thank you again! kelzangel!!

    Hi!!! You have exceptional taste in music at your age!! :) I am jealous as I have yet to see him live. How did you like the show?

    Yer the gig was great!At first i didnt think it was him!I cant explain how i felt when he came on stage!It felt realy weard that is was the same person that was in deep purple,trapeze and black sabbath! :eek: Trust me it is great!! :D