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    Having now watched this show in its entirety it is clear that Glenn overdoes the falsetto screams in a big way. I wish someone would say to him, try to leave them out for one night and see how it goes down. Let the music speak for itself. Less is sometimes more. His singing voice is still so good that he doesn't need to resort to screaming to get his point across. He would still be the VOR, so to speak. Hopefully the next tour will feature "Glenn - the artist". Imagine a setlist empty on DP but instead covering Trapeze and his solo catalogue, with just his voice in focus and no screaming. Songs like Seafull, Coast to Coast etc. I think it would go down just as well.

    When the third vocal improv segment starts in Mistreated, it has overstayed its welcome. Again, less is more.

    On a happier note, Soren really nails Ritchie's tone. Clearly the right guy for this tour.

    Yep, I also wish Glenn would move ahead rather than fall back to his DP days once again. That's already been done with the GH performs classic DP tour, which lasted for quite some time.

    Have been listening back to the BCC albums recently and I much prefer his singing on the DD albums. He often oversings with BCC, particularly on Afterglow, with a shouting vocal style, which is an area where he doesn't shine. There's more restraint on Radiance with a vocal style more in line with his solo albums = win :)

    Contrary to you, David, I quite like Radiance and what Glenn brings to the table. I feel his singing here harkens back to the way he sang on some of his 90s albums. This is a good thing, as it's been missing for a while. For example, Not Human reminds me of Addiction. I also like the groove oriented direction in songs like Born to Fly, Cascade and Not Human. The bass sound is huge.

    For future albums, I would like to see some more light and shade as far as dynamics go though. Holy Ground suffered from it and Radiance does too. Doug's guitar sound is almost too overbearing in the long run and Roll On comes as such a breath of fresh air as the last track. And still it's only 36 minutes long. They could easily have thrown in one more Glenn-like song like that, with his voice in the forefront. It would have given the album more diversity and offered a break from all the heavy riffing and somewhat dense (but powerful) production.

    I hope Glenn will continue with this band for a few more years and see where they can go from here. Maybe change the producer for the next one and have Doug turn himself down a notch or two.

    And yes, by all means, drop the covers live. I think Glenn feels the same way. Having Glenn play uninspired and boring songs like Mexico and Midnight Moses is like having Jeff Beck play Back in Black. Unnecessary and beneath him. And I like AC/DC :)

    Favorite songs? All of them (the sign of a strong album) but if I had to choose, the second half of the album:

    Born to Fly

    Kiss The Sun



    Not Human

    Roll On

    They’re not a doom metal band. Hopefully it will be back in its original key for the Summer tour, with Doug easing up a bit on the distortion.