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    This will show my ignorance about Tom, but c'est la vie.

    Could you explain to us a little about your writing relationship with brother Mel? Clearly you've been a massive influence, but why were you not in Trapeze, given the amount of songs you contributed to the band. What bands have you been in? What other albums have you been involved in and yes...

    Have a good look in your loft and tease us all with what is up there!!

    I was caught by David Coverdale / Whitesnake in 1988, aged 13 (the pre-hairspray years!) when i got an cassette from a bargain bin for £1.99.

    The Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste the Band in one go - after hearing Gettin Tighter, the rest was history! Now aged 31, i enjoy most rock. Currently rockin to Skunk Anansie - what a voice that lady has.

    Ok, its the scurge of modern society - the ring tone! But having just got a new phone / mp3 player, then I'm going to fight back against the rhubarb tones that have endured over the last few years.

    So I've chosen Cant Stop the flood as my ringtone. When I get bored of that one, i think it'll either be Addiction or Soul Mover! :cool: Gettin Tighter might be another one to keep the people in the office in line.

    Anyone else have a glenn ringtone / idea for what would be best?!

    I'd just like to thank Mel as well. I didnt have the pleasure of hearing him live, but will always enjoy listening to the multitude of songs i have on him playing.

    When, in the 90s, i got the Whitesnake live video (them things before dvds!) I had a mono tv hooked up to a stereo video recorder which you could decide which channel to play through the TV. God, that telly rocked with Mel's riffs on tracks like Walking in the Shadow of the Blues that i hunted back through all the trapeze albums and was hooked.

    Keep on Turning It On Mr Galley!

    Morning all - i guess this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, in that it would be mighty difficult to get a robust answer. But i just wondered if the industry / glenn / glenns management would have a handle on how many units he's shifted from the albums in his solo career, say in the UK and Europe. I wonder how many, I also wonder which would be the biggest seller etc.

    So to start the ball rolling, if there is anybody in the know!

    • How many copies (UK / Europe) has the current superb album shifted?
    • Which is Glenns most successful album in terms of sales?

    Thanks for the forum btw - been a fan of Glenn's since I got Stormbringer in the late 80s and just entering into the 21st century with the world wide web!