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    I agree with the last couple of posts; i think people are getting a bit too defensive over any criticism of glenn's work. Not the first thread I've seen it.

    FCinnella an excellent post; I agree with your sentiments 100%. A top post.

    FWIW - my thoughts are like those per the DPAS - oil and water is tremendous & that song that uses the riff from Aerosmiths Shut up and Dance rocks superbly. The rest, well, I reserve my own personal judgement. Those who like it, turn it up and enjoy.

    Those who don't - there should be at least 2 or 3 tunes to add to the catalogue of great GH songs from accross the ages.

    Musicnracin is spot on - to these ears it is an absolute stormer. Much better than 1987. Modern, crisp, fresh, an assault on the ears, with above everything else a number of top notch songs. Great guitar, Cov sounding great & songs to rank with the best WS have ever produced. The title track, Lay Down Your Love, the first song - absolute premium quality.

    I think it does break ground in parts- for latter day Whitesnake. True - Cov has not changed his approach to songwriting but it walks all over the 4 songs they did last year, and to me its the best album he's done since Slide it In.

    I like the older stuff but if they'd produced something as underproduced as that in 2008, then lord help us. Its like expecting Glenn to have Hughes / Thrall II exactly like the I - with the cheesy 1982 synth as backing. With this album the songs shine through.

    Oh and It doesnt need John Sykes - its far better than that!

    I dont think you can ever under-estimate what it must have been like for people like lord, paice and dc to travel around the world with two people for most of the time out of their face on the hard stuff. Though I wasnt around in 75/76 the ease at which the band ended, that TB and GH didnt actually know for months the band was over to me points at two separate camps and JL, IP and DC clearly hated it towards the end.

    Bolin helped to pen a pretty good album but from the boots / albums I heard off the tour rarely turned up. 9 months after, well we know the story.

    It think its fair enough that TB gets some stick but agree all dont come out of the period (Paice exempted) with massive amounts of credit.

    And cheers to you Gio but I'm a little unclear; which bits dont you agree with?
    DC doing 2 times the gigs? - check out the tour info and look how much DC and what types of gigs DC did before he was 40
    DC not going for his songs? - have a listen at some of the boots.
    One of his ears is mashed - said in a recent interview about the aid
    At 55 DC is not doing too bad?
    I really cant imagine if Glenn had toured as DC did from 76 onwards, in massive arenas from 84 to 91, screaming tunes as he was in 1976, whilst canabalising his body with massive drugs excess that his voice would be as magical as it sounds now. When he restarted in the mid 90s, he'd 'grown up', knowledge about looking after yourself and your voice has improved massively, and he has looked after himself well - the result, is that voice NOW.

    Bear in mind DC has had more than one serious throat infection, especially the one between Slide It in and 1987 which required surgery and many believe (including I) that he's never managed to recover fully from. I think he was lucky to sing again and get the 1987 album out.

    For me equinox hit it on the head with his analysis.

    DC must have done at least 2times the gigs glenn has since DP split up and many of his songs he really went for it - Mistreated for example. One of his ears is really mashed and he'll probably have an aid very shortly. Cant expect the voice to get off scot free and at 55 he's not doing badly at all. Glenns voice is magical but if he'd been active since 1976 with all the Georgia screaming that would have entailed, then we may have two slightly croaking old crooners, not just one!

    PS - Jbyrne; Micky Moody in 1983 said Coverdale was too business orientated so its hardly a new thing!

    Good man wolfy and mel - nice to see the site and who knows where this could lead!

    One thing - perhaps in helping to spread the word, you could contact people such as Simon as the DPAS to bring the site to a wider audience - I'm sure they'd put a brief 'news' report on their website and why not say this is the first step; in the future Mel is gathering together some of his vast archive of music to assess whether some will be issued officially for fans starved of his talents for a number of years! (I do like nice gentle prods! and who knows it might help the lofts and garages to be checked out by the Brothers G!!!) :thumbup: