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    I found a connection to Pete Goalby: they both were in the band "Fable" in 1973 with its s/t album on Magnet Records. Maybe this how come about Trapeze and Mackie in '73 on Bass and Goalby in '78 on vocals and 2nd guitar.

    Dear Chustler,

    it was your post that actually inspired me to make some research on this topic which resulted in my recent post.

    My summary on the Ork 9 CD is that I can't find it to be a less quality remaster, although the last seconds of Medusa-the song doesn't fade out so softly, albeit I don't know why.

    I think the CD is the best available remaster of Trapeze-Medusa.

    I compared the "fade-out" of Medusa-the song from the recent Ork 9 CD Remaster from 2008 with the original CD version from 1994 (Threshold) and the GH-Anthology "1970-2007" CD version from 2007 (Castle/Sanctuary).

    For my tho cents on this, the Ork Remaster is louder and crisper as the other two versions, the song is cut 3 to 4 seconds longer. I don't think the fade-out is harsher or not well remastered. Although I would say it is somewhat more abrupt. I think this comes from the overall louder level.

    The Ork CD is definately better than the THS 1994 and better than the Castle 2007. But against the Japan-Universal 2006 version I could not test, because I don't own it. Just will have another look at YouTube.

    What would the others say?

    Hi folks,

    have a look at iTunes under Glenn Hughes or Joe Lynn Turner and you will find a new item. It is a 5 track EP with DP classics rerecorded by the two. Might be one of the upcoming EP's Glenn mentioned some time before.

    David, give some info on this!

    Bye, Michi :)

    Today my copy arrived. I read in the booklet, that the artwork has been done by Chuck Wright.

    So this is pointing towards the post of the Teaser Remaster in our forum, where he is mentioned to be designing the artwork which was posted some months before.

    So people, it was all true, it was just I couldn't believe it then.

    The question for the recent remasters sources is still unanswered.

    Bye, Michi :)

    I pre-heard the songs in the iTunes Music Store.
    I could detect unheard licks and tunes that only can be featured in the original Trident tapes!!!
    I really think they got them!!!

    We will see mid-September when it arrives, will order it definitely!!!

    Hi GH-Folks,

    I recently saw on the Amazons the upcoming Tommy Bolin Teaser Remaster Collection (in 2 variants, one as 3CD, the other as 5CD).

    Does anyone know, or can get to know, whether this remastered issue comes from the lost Trident master tapes?

    I can't get hold on information concerning this in the official announcement.

    Cheers, Michi :)

    Hello Glenn's people,

    David, or anyone, what was the solution to this royalties problem back then in 2008? Kind of lost this the way up here. Were Glenn and Robin getting their things sorted out with this album?

    Greetings, escpecially for this year's Christmas season to all of you out there :)

    On this track I can hear Glenn play the bass!!!

    I decided to give the cd a try and put it into iTunes and my iPod. Gotta listen to it a bit :)