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    Hey folks , just got done yesterday getting this down. I wrote, played, recorded what's here. I'm still in the process of writing lyrics for it, so it's here all naked of vocals for now :lol:

    My inspiration for this was probably Black Country Communion and very early Whitesnake ( Mel and Mickey era ) .. please feel free to tell me it sucks or it rocks or it sucks & rocks or.... anyhow here it is :
    [ame='']I Face My Fate - YouTube[/ame]

    Friends ~ its true... I'm playin' some acoustic shows in the UK @ intimate theatres in November. I'll bring my voice and Guitar. So many songs to choose from for these acoustic shows. I'm gettin' excited to play them for you, the way they were originally written.

    The Paperback of my Book will be on sale @ the shows and I'll be signing copies ~ this tour is to thank all GH fans for their love. C U soon.


    Very cool , what guitars are you using G ?

    Thanks David , Meniketti is someone I admire very much , great player that always has a nice tone , his voice is awesome , he's down to earth and he's hard working .. writes some great tunes but yet he's pretty much flown under the radar .. and that I think is a real shame !

    Hey good folk of GHPG , I was sent a copy of GH "live in Oz" yesterday from DT , and it is awesome in every aspect , you will soooo love it , i wont give any spoilers .. .. but it is Fucking awesome !!

    In the bonus section the drum solo that Chad does and Glenn joins the groove in "gettin Tighter" you WILL reach for the replay button !!

    Love and peace ,

    -Ritchie (Buddy) xo

    I absolutely adore Rush .. i have all the albums on CD now ,, been into em since about 1980 .. but have they EVER toured Australia ?? the answer is NO !! it seems like the bigger a band gets on a global scale the harder it is to tour the show to *sarcasm* remote places like the land filled with Kangaroos and Dingoes !! so Geddy and Co .. i'll let you into Open Secrets , we in Oz think you should be on a Mission to get your asses down to Oz and .. Presto ! enlighten us for the first time ..i'll tell you what Hand over Fist that this place , the fans , the country itself is awesome in Available Light ! but ya know .. i think i'm wasting my time .. so it's Exit ... Stage Left ............... :p

    Having been a part of the Australian acoustic shows ,i give :thumbup: :thumbup: 2 thumbs up .. there is something special ,a certain intimacy about an acoustic show ..... and with Glenn singing ,it is every bit as powerful on an emotional level as a band at full tilt ! perhaps even moreso ... just voice , wire and wood .. where every nuance is heard and heartfelt ... ... Frail and You keep on moving ... with a string quartet .... moved me into another realm .. a friend of mine actually had tears running down his cheeks .........
    more acoustic ... bring it on anytime .....

    You guys will love the new soon to be released DVD ...

    - Ritchie ( Buddy )

    Hey guys .. Jimmy's cool .. "it's all good " as we say in Oz, ..... he was just having "a bit of an extended "lube and Service" .. ya know .. But i hate to think of em checking his ball joints !! man !! .. those ball joints have got some mileage on em !! HAHA !!

    hey we're a tuff bunch down here in Oz .. and Jimmy will attest to that , he's ready , willing and able to kick ass for many years to come ..

    - Ritchie (Buddy) Maton guitars Oz

    Happy new year to all of you here , '06 was brilliant for me i made some VERY special friends .. sooooo onwards and upwards .. a very warm round of applause to you all .. cheers *chink*

    - Ritchie