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    Regarding Jon Lord. A member of the audience shouted to Glenn;Where is Jon Lord???? Glenn smiled and replied; I dont know, havent seen him in 30 years.

    But hot damn what a concert, it still gives me shivers when thinking of it.

    Glenn; You are my hero!!!!!!!

    WOW!!! This is what music is all about! Now bring on the end of january, i can hardly wait to get my hands on this cd.

    Sounds like Glenn and the boys have had a real blast recording this.

    The riff on Soul Mover is simply ..................great! :)

    Let me add to that, i just recived my Jeff Scott Queen tribute cd. And man you know how to play those songs. Great work mate ad im really looking forward to hear the new Jeff Scott album. Its bound to be another masterpiece.
    Keep up the good work!

    Majestic Rock are responsible for the release of a new John Sloman solo album. It's available later this month.
    The press release accompanying the CD reads like this:
    Arriving on the scene as the youthful and exciting frontman for legendary Welsh rockers Lone Star - the Firing On All Six album remains a solid gold classic! - and on through stints as vocalist with Uriah Heep and Gary Moore, John's rock credentials are intact. Add to this hitherto unheralded keyboard work such as on the UFO album The Wild The Willing And The Innocent featuring the hit single Lonely Heart, and solo recordings with maverick genius Todd Rundgren producing, and the story takes on potentially epic proportions.
    This album is the latest and possibly most important chapter in that story so far...
    Dark Matter is a very personal statement that takes in all of the above - opening salvo Humankind (What's On Your Mind) and New Day rock like f**k! - but intriguingly throws much more into the melting pot. Joe Public is the story of everyman and the strings that pull his life in different directions and I Really Don't Want To Know will touch anybody who has had direct experience of domestic violence.
    At times, Dark Matter isn't easy listening…but it isn't meant to be. Give it some time, and it will pay you back handsomely.
    Track listing: Humankind (What's On Your Mind) . New Day . Joe Public . Room At The End Of The Hallway . Rage Of The New Age . Weatherman . Rose Without A Thorn . Really Don't Want To Know . Jammin' With Jesus . Dream A Dream

    Originally posted by chrisloeb:
    Hi all,
    I read that Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan have formed a new Band and are looking for a singer. Does anybody know, if Glenn has been approached, or do you think that Glenn should do it?
    I'm not sure on this one. It could be a long and well deserved "commercial" success. Musically, Audioslave comes to my mind. On the other hand I think Glenn still does best, what _he_ does. Any thoughts?

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"

    I read somewhere that Sebastian Bach (ex Skid Row) was favourit for that job. It sounds like a good combination to me.
    No doubt Glenn would have pulled it off buti think he is better of as his own boss.

    Here in Norway we dont have too many great artists, but we have one blues guitarist that really rocks and now he is going to USA to play some gigs. His name is Bjorn Berge and is a real phantom playing the acoustic blues guitar.

    This is his site, and here you can find sound clips. I urge you to check them out!

    This are the places he will play and if you have the chance check him out

    Philadelphia, PA The Tin Angle 4.desember
    Richmond, VA Poe's Pub 5.desember
    Washington DC Black Cat 8.desember
    Arlington ,VA Iota Club & Cafe 9.desember

    I have it and trust me, you wont be disapointed at all. If there is one singer that can come close to Glenn its Jeff Scott. He has a amazing voice and can also, as Glenn, sing many different types of music and make it sound real.
    Just look forward to hear them togheter

    Hi TopCat
    I saw your message on WinMx on Friday night. I was not home but had the pc turned on.Im sorry i missed you cos im sure you have some Glenn stuff that i dont have. Well maybe another time. Could you remind me of your username on WinMx, you know mine