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    I think Bill Hamm managed them for a while or booked them in Texas, and he was based in Texas. I met him a couple of times in the old days; he was ZZ Top's manager and also Eric Johnson's...screwed EJ's career up pretty good for a while, but I guess there's two sides to every story.

    And I'm not even sure that he managed or booked Trapeze...but I think this is the case. Glenn would have to say for sure.

    I was just talking to someone yesterday I went to high school with that saw them in Galveston and was going on and on about it.

    They came through Texas several times and I am not kidding, not exagerating at all....THEY JUST SET IT ON FIRE. I don't know how the combination of their music and what we needed to hear and how we felt came together so incredibly well...but yea.. Texans my age and from my area remember Trapeze very fondly. Medusa and You Are The Music was in everyone of my friend's cars' 8 tracks. No party I ever went to would be complete without Trapeze blaring over the speakers, that would be uncool not to have Trapeze in your collection. lol. No one had ever heard a singer like Glenn, or songs so cool, or such funky guitar.

    Anytime I talk to anyone I haven't seen in a while ...I bring the band up and they remember them when I speak about those times..and I tell them... some day...some day Glenn is coming back :cool: When he does, I am going to bring some of his oldest fans who haven't seen him in years, since we were all young...and they will be blown away and transported as I have been. He WILL feel the love.

    I think it would take a very rare confidence for an artist to want you to open for them. Someone who would just realize that they were in a unique position of having an opener that was going to blow them off the stage, and the historical sense to understand the coolness of it -- or a dottering idiot, one or the other. lol

    Susan says it would be like eating a great dessert before the meal. (don't know what she means by that, dang her eyes. LOL)

    It's always nice to meet a long time GH fan, cause I know you have great taste in music!

    Great story! My daughter used to sing with and for me, I cried when she sang a song in little club I was playing at, cried right in front of everyone. lol That was not the place for I didn't care.

    Glenn does Gregorian chanting....that would be cool...

    You call it his smooth jazz voice...I know what you mean, but wouldn't characterize it as that exactly..but close...but I was just talking to Susan about his "beautiful" voice when he sings those songs...a song that made me love it years ago was "Seafull"....
    he uses it a lot on M4TD..."This House" and others. It's almost my favorite part of his voice, tied for first place with the rest of them. :) Oh, yea, that conversation brought us around to the conclusion of why we can listen to Glenn so constantly and never get tired of it...he has such a range of style, all passionate. Doesn't get old.

    The best is yet to come.

    I firmly believe it. I see very few artists that could easily rest on their laurels that keep reaching deep on a personal level with each try in the studio. I am truly glad for YOU that if you don't feel it now that you put it in the dust of the past, no matter how many people want it to happen...It's your legacy, you have to make your work count for you, and it will stand the test of time for us.

    I agree, the bass is prevalent (and it don't lie :))

    I have had FUNK in the car stereo for the last month without listening to anything else when I drive. "Imperfection"....all the songs..everyone of them have become really special to me. "Oil and Water" have never heard anything like Glenn's CDs...I love them right at first with my favorite songs (I think at the time), but then there comes this "oh yea, I get it" moment somewhere around the tenth time I hear it all the way through .. where the whole thing comes together for me, and I just can't get enough of it. It's happened with every one of them.

    Pardon my language, but HOLY ****.

    These may be the best live clips I've seen, at least that I can think of...the band is getting tighter no doubt..and how is it possible for Glenn to get better?

    I want some of that dopamine or whatever the hell it is that he's on. LOL


    I saw EL&P when I was 14 or so, and they played a lot of Brain Salad Surgery and was a very incredible way to experience my first loud rock concert say the least! lol

    I have not listened to them for many, many years, but I should. I instantly recognized're so right..having Glenn singing what he did on that clip was wild for me.

    When I saw (and finally got to meet) Glenn in LA, I sat a couple of chairs down from Keith in the balcony. I kept thinking, I have seen this fellow before. lol It was only 35 years earlier at my first concert! lol That's what I told Glenn then, also... hey, it's been a while, haven't seen you in 31 years. lol