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    Mallary Hope is country and a young girl, but she has a talent that Glenn will approve of.

    Not to mention, the message is powerful. I hope that young girls will start to see musicos that can really bring it with talent, as opposed to technology, no matter the genre. And I hope you like it, GH :)

    [ame='']YouTube- 103.7 WSOC: Mallary Hope sings "Love Lives On"[/ame]

    It would be a supergroup if JJ was back playing guitar..but Joe B. is a fantastic guitar player...he is one of the best guitar players around with incredible gear and tone and chops.

    I might have almost passed my own Glennuis Book of World Record song repeats last night, when I listened to the song "Let It Go" off of Soul Mover for about 100 miles on a trip I was making down I-45. With Glenn, it's not a rare occurrence (in fact it's with incredible regularity) that he puts a song together that is so perfect from beginning to end that epic is the only way I can describe it...and that song is definitely one of them for me. It's just a classic and a whole story needing to be told, and the music and lyrics fit together so well. I friggin rocked out. lol No one has as many songs similarly great like that...for me.

    Oh, man...I would have flown across the country (if I could have afforded it) to hear Medusa. I bet it was great.

    Wow, I can't wait to hear the Maestro again. I hope it's soon, I have a feeling there are huge things on the horizon :)

    The bass is the glue that holds the song together and I've loved his playing since the early 70s, but I have to say that the playing on FUNK was not just great , but so pivotal to the entire ...theme/feel. My old bass player in my first good band told me a long time ago to concentrate on the bass parts when listening to music if you want to hear the colors of the other instruments or vocals more vividly, just like you sort of naturally do a bit more when you see a band live..and it makes the concept stronger. The concept of FUNK was definitely planned and thought out to feature monster groove playing. IMO

    Same here, pretty much! lol Lots of music before, and lots of music after, but Trapeze rocked me. Glenn's moniker (The Voice of Rock) fits him so well for me...he certainly is, to me.

    Mine's simple- Trapeze, circa 1973. Ouch, that makes me feel old....:eek:

    I may have missed this, there will be a new one in 2010? That's great, I can't wait. I find new things on old CDs, enjoy songs and parts of songs over and over and never get tired - lately been listening to some incredible harmonies he uses, so creative with the background vocals...but anyway, always exciting thinking about a new work from the Maestro.

    Hey, thanks y'all. I'm happy to hear from my friends (and wife) who I know have impeccable taste in music. Half a hundred today, yee haw!!!

    You are sweet Dani for thinking of me....gosh that Gabi can type so much better than me when I was her age!! :) Give her a hug for me, she's so cute.

    Thanks again, guys, got my Geritol toddy and I'm good :)

    Sometimes this life throws some hard balls at me....I just wanted to take the time to tell you this...your music has made such a difference to me in a positive loving way.
    Thank you so much.

    G, who wrote "The Last Dance"? Just wondering. Man, I sat here and put some lead at the extended end of it that fit really well.

    Just ...just wow, and "thanks". Been listening to your songs all night and morning. If I haven't told you thanks lately....
    THANK YOU. Your music has made life better for me :claphands

    I get that Marie, you are right.

    I anticipate which song will jar memories, which will inspire, which will touch my soul. Doing all the writing and production is great news to me :cool: