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    [ame='']YouTube - TRAPEZE - MEDUSA - DALLAS, TEXAS 1994[/ame]

    3/4 of the way through, listen ...feast your ears and mind on the finest notes in rock and roll history


    history, by God.

    Glenn, do you ever listen back to the bass parts you play and go...WTF...that's killer! Cause that's what I've spent the biggest part of today doing. I wish I could find a bass player that would sit down and listen to you. Listening to "Written All Over Your Face" right now and the bass is JUST KILLIN!!!

    I mean, yea, the singing don't suck :) :lol:

    But I am appreciating the hell out of your playing today, again :claphands

    Hey thanks so much, guys, for the birthday wishes and good thoughts and prayers for Susan.
    I was supposed to be 51 last Wednesday, I think it's more like 59. lol
    But Frank, you are exactly right. Susan really dodged it.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    If anyone hears from her, pls let me know. It's been a while since I've talked to her as well.

    I lost my old computer, finally got another one, and I have lost all my old email least for now until I can get them recovered from the old machine. So Shirl, Chip, et al... I no longer have your addresses until you email me... :)

    I hope Grace is ok.


    My computer is screwed up and I have about 10 minutes at most to check email before it crashes...can't watch video or even load photos easy...nothing.

    But I will check this out as soon as I can. I haven't been on this site much at all, or any site for that matter. Can't listen to my own music or load new music.

    But I am not ignoring your music, brother, I will listen as soon as we get a new computer.


    Definitely one of the finest pieces of music I've ever heard. That high note is unreal. I have played the Soulfully Live DVD for people and always like to watch their face by the time this song comes up, just to see their expression. lol :claphands

    That is so bad ass on so many levels. A Toneman. Obviously well versed in the book of Eric Johnson and more.
    I'm gonna blow up waiting for these songs that Glenn and Joe are doing. LOL

    Thanks for posting that :claphands

    I am so friggin stoked to hear this collaboration/band. I've been listening to Joe for a couple of years now, having found him on a The Gear Page (TGP) site. His influences are a lot of the same as mine...Eric Johnson, Billy Gibbons, and all the blues and rock masters. Aside from being a step above in his playing, he also knows few do.

    Man, Glenn, if you read this.... LOL, I'm dying over here, this is going to be a long wait to hear this, I KNOW it's gonna be fantastic :)

    You can't compare Gary Moore or Kenny Wayne Shepherd (or anyone else) to Joe B. That guy is a prodigy, he's been playing since he was a little kid and has always been incredible. He's a musician's musician; an absolute expert on technique, tone, feeling and passion. I can't wait to hear the album.

    I remember seeing a thread on this board one time ...and it was a link to Glenn singing Tarkus with Keith ...EL&P was a favorite of mine and I had just a glimmer of doubt, not of Glenn's talent, but of what he would sound like singing something like an EL&P song. I clicked on the link and fell out of my chair. And clicked and clicked and clicked and I'm still clicking on it. LOL Brothers and sisters, have faith. This will rock. It will be great when it comes out to the majority of those that hear it, and later everyone else will say it grew on them until it became something they treasure. I have a good feeling about it, mainly because everything I've heard from Glenn becomes something I can't do without.