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    Thank you, Grace!! I appreciate the rose, the shelf life of your wishes, and especially the shelf life of your mascara.

    The music portion of this coming year will definitely be great, thanks to Big D. And also great is the finding of new friends who are obviously intelligent and discriminating enough to seek out the best. It's a great community and we are proud to belong.

    I'm so pleased to see others that love Blue Jade. That song knocked me out.....otherworldly....everything about it, it is about as close to perfect (for me) as a song could be. I cannot even imagine sitting close and seeing him perform it. So,

    Blue Jade
    Let It Go
    Talkin to Messiah
    Black Cloud for ol time's sake
    I Don't want To Live That Way

    Then the rest of his songs...LOL

    I have not heard one I didn't want to hear live yet. I'm addicted to the Addiction CD right now, but I LOVE MFTD and Soul Mover, too......Yep, I guess all of them. Really loving JJ's guitar work, too.

    Wow, what a great event to attend, I am very happy for all of you guys, and the pics are great!

    Welcome Debbie, and we will be praying for everything to be ok in the storm.

    Shirl, I hope you have gotten one of our messages! LOL
    We kept missing each other!

    Peace & Love

    Shirl, I hate to use the board's space, and I ask for the board's pardon, but for some reason all email to your address is coming back undeliverable both from my computer and Susan's at work, all day long.
    Many, many thanks, and I'm sorry we are missing each other!
    Much love and peace, we are in your debt.
    Roger & Susan Williams
    8640 Hoda
    Conroe, TX 77303

    My perspective will be different. I am coming to his music differently than most. I have listened to early Trapeze for over 30 years, than nothing else of GH until recently acquainting myself and family to him again....then we got Soul Mover and now M4TD. Now we have Soulfully Live and Fused, with some more on the way.

    Even though I don't have all his music, I would never compare any of it, that doesn't make sense to me. I write music and have for 30 years, I don't compare my latest song to anything else I've done, nor would I want anyone else to. Changes in life bring changes in music, I celebrate it or do something else.

    Music For The Divine is nothing short of brilliant in my book, as is everything I've heard from Glenn. This is not a normal singer, this is not just a great singer, this is a singer that is on a level so much higher and different than anyone I've heard in the rock idiom (or many others) and certainly a level higher than his critics, and unless I really have been living in a cave and am missing his critics' own original music, there is no case against the smallest part and it's not credible except under the heading of personal taste. As his contemporaries said about Hendrix, we're not even in the same building. Great songs can strike you all at once or grow on you. These did both for me.
    I would give my right leg to play in his band, but I'm afraid I would just stop and watch. Good Lord this is excellent.

    Sounds very intriguing. We (like everyone else) would need a LOT of time to try to save for it and get kennel help lined out and such. Not sure we could handle the expense (had a ton of medical expenses lately) but we sure are interested in trying. Achim, if I come, I will have an acoustic guitar for sure. Maybe Chris could bring an acoustic bass? That would be a very fun time. I second the thought that it should coincide with a GH concert, but heck, if he shows up at our party that would be even better :cool: LOL!

    I have no idea what it would cost to fly to London, (or even Vegas for that matter these days! LOL) I better check before my mouth overloads my wallet, which happens all the time.

    Ok, Grace, be calm. I can see you reaching for the ax!! LOL!
    Happy birthday Glenn, we really need to get people aware of you at this paper, and believe me, my wife is doing just that right now! LOL
    Celebrity birthdays
    Israeli political leader Shimon Peres is 83. Actor-director Melvin Van Peebles is 74. Singer Kenny Rogers is 68. Rockabilly guitarist James Burton and singer Harold Reid (The Statler Brothers) are 67. Actress Loretta Devine is 57. Singer Glenn Hughes of the Village People is 54. Actress Kim Cattrall is 50. Singer Serj Tankian (System of a Down) is 39. Prodigy frontman Liam Howlett is 35. Actress Alicia Witt is 31. Singer Kelis is 27. Actress Hayden Panettiere is 17.

    Thanks a lot!! I checked out your site today (VERY COOL!) and signed the guestbook. I hope to get a recorder soon and get some new songs down, and I will send them to you if you are interested. I will be checking out your music, as well.
    You seem to be a traveler, maybe you can get to Texas or us to Germany sometime, and do some recording. You just never know.

    Thanks for the welcome on both boards! :thumbup:

    Yes, I truly appreciate the effort that went into that from Hackney and Wolfysmith. And of course from Mel. That was something I never thought I would get to see, for sure. The internet can be a wonderful thing. I wish I could find my Hot Wire album, but I don't think it survived one of my many, many moves somehow. The third or fourth incarnation of Medusa did and You are the Music did, though.

    I am really enjoying JJ's playing, it fits so well. Somehow, we have got to get GH and JJ to Houston. Or Texas at least. Or the Southwest??? Close to some airport somewhere in the world? LOL

    I wonder how many working musicians and (or non-working for that matter) and vocalists are on this board? Has that ever come up? Probably a thousand times, I have just started to peruse the older posts.

    It's a great site :claphandsI'm glad I finally got over here.

    Hi, I am new here, too, Texas Susan is my wife. I had a blast reading the Mel Galley questions and answers last night and want to say thanks to the people who put that together, what a treat! I saw Trapeze twice in the 70s, and Mel was a very great influence on my guitar playing. It blows me away that he didn't think there was much interest in him....I have always thought that he was a genius on choice of notes in his solos....the stark beauty of the notes in Seafull and always the tone of his guitar....some of it was rippin and foot stompin funky and some of it simple and beautiful... I remember just loving the sound and feeling when the solo would start in Coast to Coast, it so fit the song.

    I am very happy with JJ's playing, too...definitely the best rock guitar player I have heard in a long time.

    And Glenn. We are going to do our part to let everyone we know and everyone we don't know hear your music and talent, because it just a thing that needs to happen. God gave you something people need to hear and experience and it's my responsibility to help out. Thanks for making me love rock and roll to begin with, and now giving me back that feeling more than 30 years later.