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    Passed away at midnight on Friday, 2/19/2016. Rusty told me that it was a huge thrill that Glenn had called him after his last surgery, and his wife Marsha swears that Rusty was picked up at least 50% when he heard Glenn's voice wishing him well. I understand they communicated (I believe on this forum) afterwards a bit, and Rusty told me again just before he died that he really appreciated Glenn taking that time....Glenn was his favorite artist, we talked about Glenn and his music, and Trapeze many times. The world has lost a great man. Roger

    Although I've always played acoustic, I started getting back into acoustic guitar when I saw and talked to Glenn in New Jersey a few years ago, when I asked him about the chords in "Satelite" and other songs he was playing on acoustic. Now I've fallen in love with acoustic again, although I've always been a country/Americana writer...I'm playing with different tunings and loving the sonic possibilities and inspiration. So, thanks GLenn, love ya brother!

    [ame='']Susan Marie by Roger Williams - YouTube[/ame]

    :thumbup: Lee, that's awesome! Not only killer vocals, but that clean tone on the guitar is very nice. I have mentioned this before, brother, but if you ever need a guitar player in Texas and the States, I'm your man :)

    Music Hall, 1973, I think my brother and I saw them with Capt Beyond! Possibly saw them in June, also, I'd like to know where they were.
    Thanks David!:thumbup:

    You know this is one of my very favorite sites on earth, but my computer is so slow I can barely navigate takes many minutes to get on and move around and post, etc. I can't wait to get a new one, and I will be a better fan than I have been. I miss being able to read and comment on here, I hope it changes soon cause I miss all things GH.

    GREAT book, I really enjoyed it and was sad when it was over. It made me wonder about my own experience seeing Trapeze, though. I established with Glenn when I saw him in NJ, that I had seen him in '76 during the reunion tour. However, I realize that I must have also seen Trapeze before that show, and I'm trying to figure out where. I'd love to know where they played in Houston when they played, prior to that reunion tour. I have a memory of seeing who I remember thinking was a friggin copy band at an outside show, thinking they were doing a spot on Trapeze imitation, and now I'm wondering if that was indeed Trapeze. I also remember seeing Glenn when his hair was long at a Trapeze concert, and I realize now that he had cut his hair for the reunion tour in '76.

    This period of time is a little hazy/smoky but now I'm curious as to where I actually first saw him, thinking all this time it was in '76 only - evidently it wasn't just then... I saw him before that, I had to have.

    I thank God he made it through and is doing good now.

    Can't wait to get this. I'd love to see them (Glenn) live, but I guess Texas is too far away to tour. I am estatic that the band is going so good!!! And especially that Glenn seems to be happy :thumbup:

    That song (and performance) flat blew me away. Glenn, if you read the board.....Chills, brother :claphands :thumbup:

    I was thinking about this yesterday and said a little prayer, also. I need to get my butt in and do the same.

    Rock on, Glenn. Trying to think of a good place to vacation and see you play.

    In all my glee over the last few albums...I pulled out Soul Mover and put my surround sound system on vol

    I AM BLOWN AWAY AGAIN :thumbup: :clapper:

    I get so into the new stuff sometimes I forget to go back to any of the old discography, and it strikes me everytime that I could make it on a desert island with Glenn's discography (maybe with a little EJ and Trower and easily.