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    I am in a rush going to my sister's for Christmas Eve's dinner so...
    Merry Christmas to you all!!!!
    wishing you all a very happy evening and a great day tomorrow!!!
    lots of love!!
    Inma xoxoxo

    Lots of kudos for Steve Stevens!!! Memory Crash as the mentioned Flamenco a Go-Go are two amazing albums, the playing of course! not doubt but the perfect mixing of styles, songwriting and production are something nobody who loves real guitar players should miss! simply inspirational! :bow::bow::bow:

    I saw them a couple of years ago supporting Whitesnake and to be honest they blew Whitesnake away, their debut album is top class and well worth a listen.
    If Jimmy Page was there watching them he could be casting his eye over the singer whose voice and stagecraft are very similar to a 1970`s Robert Plant

    lucky you Iain!!!!!! I certainly keep an eye on their tour dates!! and yes you are right the frist time I saw a pic of them, I must say it was a small one I thougth the singer really looked as Plant back then!! :D

    Hope you have better luck next time Chris! they play in London in Feb (I'm thinking of it!! ;)) but I'll wait to see if they put other dates when they are back from the USA tour

    and yes! I knew about Paul Rodgers singing a couple of songs live with them... hehehehe happy xmas gifts for me!! loooool

    Maybe you already know them!! but I found them out recetly thanks to Achim!
    their album debut was released in 2006 with a special 2cd edition in 2007, now preparing the next album for early 2009
    they are called The Answer and we could say they are from UK, across North Ireland ;)
    I only can tell you to check them out here

    the very Jimmy Page goes to their gigs and said "If you want to see what Zeppelin were like in the 70's, go see The Answer"
    and if Page says that.....

    I deeply recommend you to listen to them :cool:

    oh it seems we all were writing at the same moment!! cos your post wasn't here and couldn't read them when left mine!
    Bobby, I do hope you are ok and Mark too, as Shirl said please keep us updated!!
    all of you are in our thoughts!

    hi all!!! :D

    Germany calling!!! :lol:

    as many of you already know Achim is not longer registered here so he has asked me for thanking all of you for your kind words and warm wishes!!!! :thanx:

    he is still in contact with many of us and he wants you to know tho he is not in this site now, he keeps many good friends he found here along the way and he is gladly surprised and deeply appreciates you are also using this space to congrat him for his birthday!!!

    he is doing great and still rocking the place ;) as you can check in his myspace music sites

    so as he would say... keep on rocking mates!!!!!!!! :D

    lots of love to you all xox

    just back home and read the news...

    no matter even if it was expected... I have no words...

    Mel, you knew you had all our love and you always will have it...
    so I also want to send my love and support to all the family and friends you won in this race...

    I know you keep on rocking wherever you are!