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    Question to our Webmaster :cool:
    Do you think I should advise Foruli that Glenn's dates in France, Switzerland and Belgium (both French speaking countries) could be a good opportunity to release the bio in French? What does Glenn's management think of this?
    Many thanks for your help ;)

    Classic Rock features a full Slash UK tour page in its latest issue.
    BUT not a word about California Breed.
    The ad only says "plus special guests"...

    I tried to type "California Breed" on Ticketmaster UK Website => the search engine returned 0 result.
    Such a shame.
    Jerome and I are really gutted and I don't think we will do any of these "low cost" dates.
    David, can we hope for "proper" headline shows soon ?

    Dear Yvonne,
    concerning your last sentence, I must admit this crossed my mind.
    Maybe I'm too naive but I had a really good feeling with Foruli's managing director when we met in London in September 2012.
    Ok, I'm a die-hard fan and I sincerely wanted to translate this book but that's not a reason to treat me like this.
    I created my translation business to make a living, not to work as a "volunteer" during 3 months and not knowing if my work will be published one day.
    This never happens with my other clients.
    Don't know if Glenn is aware of the situation.
    Who said I'm angry ? :)

    Concerning the financial aspect : as a translator, you get a percentage on sales.
    This is written in my contract. I signed it and accepted the terms.
    BUT I was not aware that it could take more than a year to publish the book.
    You just have a strange feeling : you've put your heart and soul in your work during 3 months and nobody cares at all.
    Anyway, the only thing to do be patient :cool:

    And how about the french edition of the autobiography ?
    No news since last year... :huh:

    Dear Cobud
    I translated the book into French. It took me 3 months.
    As per my contract with Foruli, I delivered the translated text on March 31 st, 2013...More than one year ago.
    No news since then.
    I sent an email to Foruli last week asking if the French version of the book was to be published one day. The answer be patient.
    I have to say I'm not patient anymore. I'm fed up and totally disappointed.

    Hi everyone

    Due to profesional obligations, we won't be able to attend the acoustic show @ Leicester Square Theatre on the 14th of November :(

    We booked 2 tickets at the second row (seats B16/B17).
    If anyone is interested in these 2 tickets, just let me know by private message.

    Thank you for the vids my dear :)

    Jerome and I attended the Royal Albert Hall & NIA shows. We were blown away by Paul's voice.

    Jason was absolutely great. I was so impressed that I'm thinking about taking drums lessons...

    The Birmingham show was filmed for a DVD release in 2012.

    Sorry guys, we will not be able to be in Wolverhampton tonight. Jerome caught a cold and is not feeling well at all.
    I changed the flights and we'll try to be in London tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Our London tickets arrived 3 days after I ordered (via UPS). Concerning the Wolverhampton ones, my account says "processed for dispatch".
    I hope they will arrive by next week.
    We just can't wait to see you all. It's been such a long time.

    By the way, do I have to purchase a pair of snow boots ? Cause here it's still spring. Jerome will go diving tomorrow morning. Any volunteer ? :cool:

    Hi everyone !!!

    As some of you may know, our beloved Harry ze cat passed away on the 28th of July. He was 15 and diagnosed with kidney deficiency. His health deteriorated very rapidly and at the end of his life, he could not eat, drink or walk any more. Jerome and I had to make a very hard decision and take him to the vet. It's been a very traumatic experience. We've been with him till the end.

    As we can't live without cats, we decided to adopt 2 kitten but the mother gave birth to 3. We could not make a choice so we adopted the whole family !!!

    Let me introduce you to our new babies. They are 7 weeks old and we don't have any names yet as we are not expert enough to determine if they are boys or girls. The vet will tell us next saturday. In the meantime, any suggestion is welcome :)

    The crazy parents : Nath & Jerome :cool: