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    I went to see Glenn for the third time in so many years in Verviers yesterday, and for the third time IFUNK, Never Say Never and Oil and Water, where Glenn sings incredibly high !! The old tracks also had a new life, espacially the two from MFTD witch really evolved a lot since I saw them in 2006. The association between the two guitar players work really well, with JJ being more of a "classic rock" guitar player, with more "Blackmorean" touches, and he did among other a magnificent solo in Mistreated, and Luis being more of a funk guitar player, with more "Bolinoid" touches. The association between the two is really succesful. About the others, Matt Goom was really good, but we didn't get to hear Anders to much, so I can't really talk about him... Oh, and that bass player/singer wasn't too bad I thought :p

    All in all a great show, can't wait to see him again !

    For the french speakers among you, I wrote a more complete review here...

    It was my first GH show but it was really a great one ! 6 songs from M4TD and 4 from Soul Mover, the classic reduced to a minimum, really good !

    If some of you are intereted, here is my complete review in french on my DP forum.

    Can't wait to see him again on the real M4TD tour ;)