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    Singer GARY BARDEN Rejoins MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Dec. 5, 2007
    Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker is currently setting up a concert tour under the banner MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS. The trek will include stops in almost all of UK's rock clubs starting on January 10 and stretching as far as March.

    In other news, Schenker is planning to release a new MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) album in April, to be followed by a world tour. Entitled "In the Midst of Beauty", the CD will feature the following lineup:

    Gary Barden - Vocals
    Simon Philips (TOTO, THE WHO) - Drums
    Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) - Bass
    Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW) - Keyboards

    A tour featuring Barden on vocals will kick off following the album release.

    According to a posting on the Michael Schenker News and Tour Information web site, has announced the following UK dates for Michael Schenker:

    Jan. 10 - Swindon, UK - 12 Bar Swindon
    Feb. 17 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
    Feb. 09 - Manchester, UK - Manchester University

    Michael Schenker's UK tour this past summer was cut short due to a "multitude of events beyond the band's control, including Michael's," according to a posting on Schenker's MySpace page.

    Schenker's final gig in the UK took place on August 3 in Stourbridge, U.K. when Michael ended up calling off the concert after only a handful of songs.

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    Really surprised the tour doesn´t include a Stockholm date. Glenn was explicitly happy with both the size and demographics of the crowd on the Soul Mover tour :( Further Glenn has lived here + it is (almost) JJ´s home town. Well, I guess they don't wanna spoil us too much - he was her both in ´05 and in ´04 (HTP)...

    David/Shirean - do you happen to know of an explanation (should there be one..) :confused:


    PS. Many thanks - got the T-shirt eventually. Will make a terrific tent next summer... :D Kidding - my girlfriend worked a bit on it and now it fits like a glove at its proud owner Ds.


    Glenn opening for RHCP would be great for him, but I believe it's not gonna happen as he is a too hard act to follow. He is a singing god, and you don't want to compete with that - especially not if you're at Anthony Kiedies (spelling?) calibre live (am I the only one that thing he on stage sounds a little thin and is hit an miss note wise ??). Anthony has come a long way though - on the first RHCP records he only did rap singing, whereas he in later years has gained confidence and ability to actually sing - read this in his own words an interview recently.

    Just my theory.



    I agree - this album contains Gary's most inspired and emotional soloing in ages! Listen to the extended outro solo of "No reason to cry" - as fantastic as the outro solo of "Still got the blues" (or the "We want more" live version of "Empty Rooms" - for you co-Gary-die hards).

    When he is playing like this, he is simply untouchable as far as emotional, melodic rock guitar! :bow:

    I've been waiting 15 years or Moore for Gary to move like this again.


    Ps. However I find the re-recorded versions of Midnight blues and All your love pointless Ds.

    Phenomena I is what we got me hooked on Glenn initially (yes, I am a 2nd generation Glenn fan). Fantastic album!

    Without any competition the best Phenomena album IMO.

    The intro to "Dance with the devil" is the signature melodi to a current TV show i Sweden about the swedish language. The song is credited in the credits at the end.

    Innervision is a piece of total crap, agree fully.


    Hi all,

    Please do yourselves the favour of checking out Face the truth - one of my all time fave albums. I was chooked by the quality of it when I first heard it in 1992 (holy smoke - that is a long time ago).

    Norum and Glenn had a breif co-operation already in 1988:
    Initially intended to be a long term thing.


    I agree with you all - Y&T deserved superstardom! They were/are an amazingly good band. Been a fan since Meanstreak and never get to see them until last year, when I flew from Sweden to London for this gig (actually booked a meeting with a UK client as an excuse to get over - don't tell my previous employer...;-) ). Greeeeat gig! I havn't been as excited in probably 15 years over a live concert!!

    The guys came out for a meet and greet session at the entrance after the show - very nice and down to earth guys. Had bought Meniketti's "On the blue side" from his wife and got it signed by the man himself. VERY recommendable cd btw - if you like hard rock blues.

    My fave Y&T cd has to be "In rock we trust" - commercial I know, but what songs throughout the album!!

    BR, Per


    One absolute ballad favorite is 'In your eyes' which Glenn sang/co-wrote on John Norum's solo outing 'Face the truth'. Please, please, please do yourselves the favour of checking out this whole album, as it is real killer!! Top 3 of all albums featuring Glenn's voice in my book :bow:

    Brilliant melodic hard rock songs with a metal slant + John's soo tasty guitar work. Glenn sings on 6 songs.



    David, I think it would be a good thing to run a Glenn song contest like the one in 2001 again. When looking at the candidates that time I realised just how incredible much top quality music Glenn has delivered since then. 3 amazing solo albums, 2 amazing HTP albums, 1 amazing and 1 avarage Voodo Hill album, Fused! and more than so. :bouncer: I definitely think that Glenn' quality in the 2000's easily surpasses quality of the 90-ies. Of course his work in the 70- and 80-ies will stand safe at their well deserved piedestals, but my guess is that a lot of his recent work would rank very high.

    So what would be my favorite Glenn-songs?? Very difficult considering the amount of amazing music he has put out over the years, as you all realise...

    Solo songs:

    Miss little insane
    High road
    Can't stop the flood
    Don't let it slip
    Death of me
    Lost in the zone

    Purple songs:

    This time around
    Lay down, stay down
    You keep on moving
    Love don't mean a thing
    What's going on here


    Who will you run to (Thrall)
    First step of love (Thrall)
    The look in your eyes (Thrall)
    In your eyes (w Norum)
    Face the truth (w Norum)
    Time will find the answer (w Norum)
    Kiss of fire (Phenomena)
    Dance with the devil (Phenomena)
    Phoenix rising (Phenomena)
    Who's watching you (Phenomena)
    Reach for the sky (Gary Moore)
    No stranger to love
    Angry heart
    Seventh star
    I'm not the same man
    I go insane
    What you're living for
    Alone I breath (HTP)
    Losing my head (HTP
    Missed your name (HTP)

    Probably missed out on some vital stuff, but these came to mind.

    Top 5 Glenn albums: Burn, Phenomena 1, Norum, BTM, Soul Mover, HTP2 (eh.. top 6).

    Looking forward to the next chapter!!

    BR, Per

    .... Hempo Hildén, drums (played on 'From now on' and also Norum's 'Face the truth' with Glenn) as well as Mats Lindfors, rythm guitar (played keyboard on Norum's debut CD and also his most recent, if I recall correct).

    Norum sacked Gören Edman, vocals (later Malmsteen) and Marcel Jacob, bass (ex Malmsteen / later Talisman) from his solo band and brought Hempo and Lindfors into this 'Hughes / Norum' project. I've heard reports of quite a bit of anymosity involved, but at least Jacob buried the hatches somewhere down the road as he re-joined Norum's band in 1999.

    Check out Talisman's self titled debut!!! A melodic rock classic. :bow:


    According to weblink Glenn fronted a classic rock cover band, featuring several ex-names of the Swedish hard rock scene. One member is Anders/Eric (Anders is his real name. Eric is his artist name) Bojfeldt who played on "Frow now on" and "Burning Japan Live"!

    I agree completely - Little Miss Insane is an oustanding track and my favorite one from the album. Not only the chorus is amazing, but also the riff, the verse and the bridge (I know what your thinking - that's the whole song!).

    One funny thing about the song is how JJ's solo clearly is meant to illustrate the insanity of the little miss in question. I can't stop myself from laughing every time I hear it!!! Ingenious. :thumbup:

    My take on Iommi's secrecy is that Tony and Glenn have agreed that the upcoming album shall not cannibalise on Glenn's current Soul Mover momentum.

    I hope they're brining Kenny Aronoff on the road!


    Hi all,

    My vote goes as follows...

    1. Building the machine

    2. Soul mover

    3. Songs in the key of rock

    4. The way it is

    5. Feel

    No 1-4 = four of his five latest solo releases. Add to this the two very strong HTP releases and we have Glenn at his creative peak...:clapper:

    BR, Per

    Great review and also very relevant for the Stockholm gig Friday night. Brilliant show with a just great, positive atmosphere. So fresh that he does not rely on past glories and instead pushes his new material, which is up there with the best he's done. BTM, SITKR and the new one all are up there, and its great that they relatively get so much attention (wouldn't have minded more songs from BTM and SITKR).

    I had a fear that I would leave the gig with a "seen it all before feeling" (he's played in Stockholm, alone or with HTP, 8 times since his return in -93), but thankfully that anticipation was proved wrong! I couldn't agree more that the he obviously is the most relevant of his "generation". He's making up for lost time and he's doin' it very, very well.

    He mentioned during the show that people had flown in from Switzerland, Germany and also Japan - fantastic! :clapper:

    Hi Gribban,

    I totally agree - Glenn's vocals on especially the first Phenomena album is among his very best work! That album is an absolute classic and also the album that introduced me to Glenn back in 1985. The sophomore album does not match the debut, and the 3rd effort (without Glenn) is very weak IMHO.

    If you check out you will see that there is a 4th one to be released hopefully sometime soon, with both Glenn and JJ contributing to it!

    YES, I have heard and seen him perform Phenomena songs live. In 1993 and 1994 (this year supporting From Now On) he toured Scandinavia extensively and in his set were both Kiss of Fire & Pheonix Rising (the latter he also performed acoustically with his band on Swedish' TV. Three members from Europe at the time, as you all know). I remember that I thought that the live versions were great and also exceptionally close to the album versions.

    If I remember correctly a live version of Kiss of Fire was included on one of the singles from 'From now on'.