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    OMG Grace that cracked me up! :lol: :lol: :lol: It'a all so freakin' true - the pedestrian crossing, the bureaucracy, the lines, everything!

    The bus stop part happened to me yesterday! I had to chase it cause the driver bypassed the stop and when I finally got on the driver had the nerve to tell me, "YOU wanna tell ME where the stops are?" I mean, FFS you could have seen for miles away that that was the stop for that bus line!

    Ah whatever......we do it better anyway! ;)

    Hello all you GHCP!

    How have ye all been? I've been incognito as of late cause I'm still on dial-up and it takes forever to load pages! I've been trying to get a DSL connection at my house but I've been waiting like 6 weeks! :mad: I'm still on a Flinstones connection but by way of some miracle I managed to load the site, so I thought I'd pop in and say hi!

    Needless to say, I've been missing out on all things GH....and I've been thinking of lots of you. Hope you are all well....Shirl (I can't load anything on myspace beyond my homepage....been thinking of you!) FCinnella (the air in Palermo is dense with the scent of orange and lemon blossoms in Palermo now!) CaptMidnite (are you still insane?)and all the other lovely folks whom I ran into in past chats. Oh Inma - that means you too! :lol: :bow:

    NY in June will be impossible but Rome in May looks doable...I say this while touching wood - everytime I say I'm gonna see a gig I get jinxed!

    If anyone wants to keep in touch while I'm still in this primitive state, just drop me an email...I'd love to do some catching up!

    Take care all you fine peeps!

    Dunno for sure if there's an official rule about only US citizens allowed to sing at the national anthem at big events; I guess it's just customary.

    Celine Dion re-did the anthem??? :sint3: That's outrageous! Not so much her singing it but reworking it! The anthem is untouchable!

    And I agree....I don't think we'll be hearing about David "fugheddabaudit" Coverdale anytime soon! :lol:

    That's why we should appreciate what we have today (and be smart enough to try and make it last...) cause you never know when it will be all gone.

    Whoever he is, I admire his humbleness and courage to start from the bottom and at a job he probably would have never dreamed of doing. Instead of wallowing in self-pity (and that can be a dangerous trap, as drugs & alcohol are right there to gobble you up) he's realistically doing something decent to survive. Kudos to him. I hope he can get back on his feet and be successful as a musician again :)

    ...or at a World Series game, or your local Fourth of July bash!

    English rocker becomes American citizen

    Posted: 3/2/2007

    After living more than 20 years in the United States, rock musician David Coverdale has become an American.

    In a private ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Department of Homeland Security in Reno, Coverdale raised his right hand and swore to defend the Constitution and U.S. laws, a U.S. agent said.

    Coverdale, a former singer for Deep Purple and Whitesnake, has lived on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for 22 years.

    "Of course he was obviously very pleased," said his assistant, Michael McIntyre. "It's been a long, drawn out process, especially the way things are today. He was thrilled to become a citizen after all of this time."

    Coverdale, 55, was born in Satlburn-by-the-Sea, England.

    The singer joined Deep Purple in 1973, founded Whitesnake in 1977 and worked with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on the Coverdale-Page project in 1992. In 2000, Coverdale released "Into the Light."

    Just finished listening to the podcast....I hope the release of the Rome gig on DVD materializes very soon, I wanna re-live the memories of a fantastic night! :clapper:

    Thanks to the dynamic duo for another great podcast! :bow:

    Almost makes you want to go up to one of the kids in attendance and say, "I'll do your homework for a year if you remember to turn on a tape recorder during a certain interview ;) "

    We can only wait and see what gets smuggled out!

    Yeah $250.00 is a bit too much but I've heard that the cheapest seats will go for 50 ( which I wouldn't mind, cause when I saw them the second time at Shea Stadium I had nosebleed seats but it was great!)

    But as you say....if Big Daddy finally does a great US tour....grab it while you can!