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    That is just so horrible, it left me feeling numb. My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to Larry's family. May they find the strength to get them through their (and our) terrible loss.

    . I was thinking about Conchita and did what any New Yorker would do first thing after being away for a few years...on to the diner!! And what a coincidence that the Coach Diner is right across the street from the train station :thumbup:

    simply.....INSANE! :claphands  

    Go ahead....tell me how great that pastrami sandwich was! :(

    I'm curious to know what the fans who were expecting BS and Trapeze thought :D

    As Glenn left the stage I managed to shake his hand and pass him a couple of pics for him and Chad. “Hi Wolfy” was all Glenn could manage as this was the sort of venue (and security staff) that didn’t lend itself to anything else in terms of fan contact. Just ask David and Shirean about how easy it was for them to get in using a pass! :mad:

    Ah bummer... I'll never understand security at some venues - it's always either too much or too little! :rolleyes:

    Fantastic first installment of the Grand Road Trip! :claphands

    Leave it to you David to find clips on what I missed out on! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    yeah right Bill...29 and a half to be exact!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    First of all I'd like to send you all one big hug for all your birthday wishes, albeit one month late! A new job which keeps me away from home often and an exasperating dial-up connection (which just went dsl yesterday!!!) were the reasons why I haven't been around much.

    Birthday was fab...I got to spend it in Taormina (though in the morning I climbed up to the main crater at Mt. Etna!) as part of my new job training (nice work if you can get it!) so it was great to chill out, do some serious shopping and start enjoying the great weather!

    Did I say nice job if you can get it? Hang on I'll bite my tounge....guess who rolled into town on May 21 but I couldn't go due to said new job, which brought me out of town? I wanted to break down and cry...believe me it took nerves of steel to live in a neighborhood where GH & Moonstone Project posters were plastered on billboards everywhere I turned!

    I just hope the old saying "better luck next time" holds true somewhere, somehow!

    Gonna go read some reviews on all of you
    Conchita xoxoxoxoxxoxo