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    He's usually quite good at answering his emails, so maybe yours got lost in the ether. If you sent him one that he's not answered, by all means send it again. And thanks for the Christmas wishes. Same to you, and to everyone here!

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of JJ updates lately - he's been writing/rehearsing/recording and I've been out on the road with UFO, so it's been a bit hit'n'miss as to actually posting an update.

    But here ya go - Things have been a bit Swedish in Swedeland lately, what with the long winter nights that start around mid-day and finish around 11am the following day (what the hell's all that about????????) but in the hours of lightness, our li'l blond fella has been packing a lot in.

    Some of the tracks for the next album are already in the can, and some of the others aren't far behind. As a Christmas present to you all he's incuded a photo of himself and Chad. In all honesty, re the photo, between me and you I've received better presents at the dentists.
    He means well, and he IS blond - so make allowances, ok. As a guitarist he's pretty dammmmn good. As a photogenic model he's..... no, don't make me say it.

    But anyway, here ya go...

    OK, I know he said he wasn't gonna comment, but... that was when he was stuck solid in writing mode. He's now come up for air and has put a message on the website - see the Message linked from

    Of course, it wouldn't be a Jocke Marsh page without a 'hidden message link' - would it!

    Most of you regulars will know where to look for the 'hidden message'. But if not, just ask! (Or hover your mouse over the middle of the blue frame-line at the bottom of the 'Message from Jocke' page).


    Another question for you guys. Do you know if JBs accepts children inside the venue ? My husband and I were supposed to go to Shepherds Bush with our 9 years old niece. Everything was booked for her also... You can't imagine how disapointed she is...
    I have seen on SEE TICKETS web site that they apply "age restrictions" below 18 years old. Is this also the case if the child is acompanied by an adult ? I sent them an E-mail but no answer yet...If anyone knows, please let me know.
    Thanks to all of you for your kind help.

    Hi Harry - I'm 100% sure they allow children in - I've been there many times when there are youngsters in. I think the deal is that they mustn't go into the bar area, (not even to buy you a drink - hard luck!) and they're only allowed in for the gig itself, not afterwards when it turns into Minnight-'Til-Three goth disco or whatever it is.

    Please don't read anything sinister into a lack of an immediate response from JJ.

    Jocke also doesn't want to wash any dirty linen in public, and in consideration of the upcoming tour he prefers not to comment on what was written in the Chat, and would sooner just wish Jeff Kollman all the best for the tour, and thank you all for your great messages both on the forum, and by email to the website.

    He's in "writing mode" at the moment - and you all know what that does to a fella!

    On the very day that it is announced that JJ isn't playing in Glenn's band any more, it is also announced that The Darkness need someone to replace Justin Hawkins.
    But no, rest easy. I just want to reassure you all that you will NOT be seeing Jocke in a lycra bodysuit anytime soon.
    Well not on stage, anyway.

    Music From Planet Marsh features in Dave Ling's October playlist - see

    Dave picks his favourite albums from the new releases and promo copies of recent weeks, and these play in constant rotation on the Mighty Wurlingzter. His Listening Room reverberates with joy when Crystal Palace win, and provides solace when Palace only manage a draw. Nothing helps when they lose, of course, but a few verses of Into The Light eases the pain a bit

    Hi Chip - I think the message about mixing the currencies is cos you had previously clicked on the UK link to see if it was working, and it was registering that you'd already started a purchase in GBP. You have to remove the items from your shopping-cart, and then close the window, and then start again.

    And yes, it IS worth it!

    No no no no NO!
    That's another yipppppeee for another day.
    Today's yippppeeee is... the actual hard-copy metal beer-coaster that you've all been waiting 94787548975846 years for, complete with sleevenotes made outta paper spun from pollen collected at dusk from the knees of the rare lasagne moth, cradled in a clear perspex display case, is now ready to rock your world and on sale at

    Trust me, joining in is GOOD.

    I thought I sounded really FAT, but I've sent the link to loads of my friends and they all say I sound really SKINNY and GORGEOUS.

    Oh yeh, they all liked JJ's and Carl's input too - and David'n'Shirean's - but the main thing is.. they all said I sounded really THIN.

    What more could anyone want, huh? Worth wading through 50 minutes of amps'n'valves for!

    Blimey, that JJ fella, he did go onandonand ONNNNNNNNN about his gear, didn't he! Don't worry, I'll have a word with him, and the next Podcast will be all about Me Me Me Me and ME - ok!

    Join in next time, ok - it feels GOOD!

    A big thankyou to David and Shirean for putting that whole thing together.

    Loved the atmospheric thunder'n'lightning! Not so sure about the sound of the fat old redhead who claimed to be Jocke's webbywoman - she sounded huuuuuuge! Not that 'fat' is a bad thing, of course, but she sounded really gross.

    But all in all... 50 minutes of great webbery! Well done, D'n'S !