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    I just noticed JJ's music a few days ago, fantastic guitarist...
    His "Q&A" section is offline, anyone knows how can I read it?
    It must be so cool answers with that detail level :D
    Cheers from Brasil and sorry for upping old thread :confused:

    Hi Diego. JJ's website has been offline for a couple of years, but luckily there is a copy of that webpage still online. The Q&A session took place in 2006, so some of it is out of date now, but here ya go...

    Stay tuned for an interview with Eggs & Dogs over the next week or so. I'm guessing that JJ is one of the eggs rather than one of the dogs, as I seem to remember reading that he was hatched from an egg many many (many) years ago.

    Ah yes, here's the link. It's on the internet so it must be true.

    One of my latest pet peeves has become the VIP Packages that artists are throwing out at Ticketmonster and other sites. These include a ticket, a shirt and a meet and greet, all for the 'low' price of your first born or left arm. Now I can understand the prices if you actually got to spend time with the artist, or were backstage, but to just be part of a cattle call and get a quick signature seems ridiculous.

    My experience of these packages is that in most cases the band don't know about them and the first they hear of a VIP meet'n'greet is when they read about it on the venue's website or when they arrive on the day.

    The band just get their pre-arranged fee and the VIP packages are put out by the promoters as a way of clawing in extra cash. If the promoter hasn't checked with the tour manager prior to setting up the meet'n'greet, it can leave the band in an awkward situation as the scheduling often means we have to travel overnight straight after the show to the next city, and there's barely time for the basic stage-door autographs/photos etc. - even though the band look forward to meeting the fans as much as they look forward to being onstage!

    So when a promoter takes money up front for something that isn't built into the timing, people feel ripped off by the band if the event is rushed - unfairly, cos it's not the band's fault.

    On the same night as Glenn at the RBCS in Derbyshire (Friday 25th July) Guy McCoy Torme - aka GMT - are playing.

    If you'd like to see them in the run-up to the festival so that you know what to expect (a right rockin set filled with snazzy pzzazzy songs and loads of high-octane energy), then call in and see them at any of these places. That way, you can see them twice!

    [SIZE=+3]Guy McCoy Torme - GMT[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=+2]4 July 2008 Riffs, Blackpool Lancashire[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+2]5 Jul 2008 HARK to TOWLER Bury Gtr Manchester[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+2]6 Jul 2008 Riga Southend Essex[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+2]17 Jul 2008 Queens Hall Nuneaton Nuneaton, Midlands[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+2]18 Jul 2008 Yardbirds Rock Club Grimsby Lincs[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+2]25 Jul 2008 Rock and Blues Custom Show 2008 Pentrich Derbyshire[/SIZE]

    The Bilston and Liverpool shows were amazing - I'd only planned to go to Bilston but enjoyed it so much that I skanked an extra day off work and went to Liverpool too. It was great to meet up with David and Shirean, Dani, Pete (very briefly, and thanks muchly for the offer of a lift back to the hotel), Wolfy, Mike, and everyone else from here that I met without realising it!

    Glenn, Jocke, Matt, Luis and Anders did us proud, and huge credit too to Tonio and the crew.

    Jocke sends his love to everyone here in the forum and thanks you all for the lovely messages and emails that you've been sending to the website. Of course he's far too useless to actually log in here and tell you that himself, but that's cos he needs his fingers for other things, apparently. Pickin his nose? No of course not - he needs them for funking that funky guitar funkything of course!

    Anyway, yeh, it was good. And I've eaten more wedding cake in the last few days than I've eaten in the last thirty years. What is it about hotels that by the time you get back to them after a gig, the only food that's on offer is the leftovers from the wedding reception??? They can't even remember to make the sandwiches you've ordered and signed for unless you threaten to trash their dammmn kitchen. I hope the first underground nuclear kitchen has a better grasp of room-service, or we're all gonna go very very hungry.

    (p.s. I'm not including the new Robin Hotel in Bilston in that little rant - the service there was fantastic and the breakfast was exactly perfect - all credit to the lovely people who run it and I'd recommend anyone who's going to a gig in Bilston to stay there).

    Ooops, for anyone who doesn't recognise them I guess I should introduce them.
    They are JJ's pals Tom Torberg, Leif Sundin, Kjell Haraldsson and Tom Broman who are all currently in the UK with Michael Schenker. (For the purposes of this photo I am playing the part of Michael Schenker)