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    Something that may not have occurred to you all (its only just occurred to me although thats nothing new).

    Whatever your view on Grimley, whether you see him as funny, pathetic, nasty or a harmless old fool think about this-hes stuffed a load of young bands with nonsense and false promises but i wonder how many old whitesnake programmes/CDs hes ruined by signing them? And worse, what if hes signed anyones vintage valuable guitar? Theyd have to get the signature removed professionally perhaps.

    Also it devalues anything mel may have genuinely signed as theres always the element of doubt now.

    Reading Mels blog it seems that Mel was quite shaken by the experience, so any apologists for Ken should remember that it was an unpleasant episode for Mel. It must have freaked him out bigtime, imagine what any of us would have felt like. Creepy shit....

    Ken was well in the wrong whatever his motivation or mental issues are. Hopefully this is the last of it.


    i think to his neighbours and friends who know him as Ken he may seem like a harmless old fool. you have to see things from Mels point of view. there are a lot of people out there who are fans and/or musicians who have met Ken and thought it was Mel. If they thought Ken(as Mel) was a gent or a complete arsehole then each verdict is against Mel not Ken. they will tell friends and family etc what "Mel" was like.

    Mel is a kind and gentle person himself and would not want Ken to be harmed in any way. He just wants the guy to stop all this.

    Thats the point really, if someone met Ken and believed he was Mel as a few have done, any negative publicity rebounds on Mel.

    Ive met Ken a few times and yes, he is a nice chap to talk to as long as you realise he is full of shit (this is far from the wildest flight of fancy Ive heard from him) , but what he has done is wrong and very unfair to Mel and it had to be stopped.

    Mel could have taken legal action but didnt which says a lot about the man.

    I think personally, that had I been Mel, Id have handled it the same way. Humiliating for Ken of course but pretty much guaranteed to stop him trying it again as its attracted huge interest locally amongst the musical community. And really its the only way because kens been rumbled by a few people in the past but just moves on to a new group of gullible young lads. That cant happen now.

    Those who are his friends will have a good laugh at his expense for a few weeks but it will die down, those who thought he was mel will be wised up now and avoid him or avoid being taken in at any rate.

    somewhere on here i posted an interview with Mel from my local paper (he lives round the corner from me) in which he says he doesnt own any guitars any more.

    im sure david will stick the link in here!

    i think the post was called Mel Galley Exclusive

    Sad that. Did he sell them because he needed money or because he just didnt want them anymore?

    Has anyone come across the bloke who tells the young bands he is Mel Galley? He lives in the Notts/Derby area and collects guitars though he cant really play. Hes about Mel's age and has a west midlands accent but looks nothing like him.

    Hes harmless in that he isnt trying to rip them off apart from a few pints and a bit of adulation but i think it's so funny I had to post it. He tells them hes playing the NEC that night and all sorts hoping to impress people.

    There was one band we know who believed him and went round telling everyone they had made friends with a big rock star! Should have seen their faces when they found out!

    Hes quite a nice bloke really but I just think its hilarious!

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