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    That was really an amazing concert. The best thing about it was that there were a lot of people. I read in Standart newspaper that there were 30,000 people..well, I am not sure if they were that many :) However, the audience was perfect :)

    Thank you, Glenn for the fantastic show you made! :bow:

    And of course, thank you DANI !! you are great!! :) we all love you very much!! :p

    Oh, and I went to see Glenn at Slavy's Show.. He was singing Mistreated more than 10 minutes in front of 40 people !! :) I will never forget that :) and again I had the opportunity to talk to him and see what an amazing person he is :)

    love u, Glenn

    The concert was more than excellent!!I won't say that Glenn is an amazing singer/musician because I'm sure you all know it ;) but I understood that he's one of the sweetest people I've ever met..I was one of the lucky people,who had the opportunity to meet him personally-this was one of the most beautiful moments in my life!! Thank you, Glenn for the fanstastic moments and the amazing show you and your band made!!

    and of of course,I'd like to thank DANI CALIFORNIA for everything she made for us!!dani,you're a great person..thanks very much-we appreciate everything you did :thanx:



    Hey,thanks to all of you!! You guys made my day even better ;) And Dany: I'm looking forward to see Glenn again in Kavarna!! I really hope that I would be able to go to the concert because I'm in Sofia now, but I guess thah I'll take the train .. :)

    Well,I'm from Bulgaria and yesteraday I watched Glenn on TV,talking about his new video and I thought that they're going to play it,but they didn't... I'm looking forward to seeing it! :)

    Also I would like to say that I'm very happy about all the things that Glenn did for his BG fans...for example for the last 2 years he has come to Bulgaria more than 3 times and as far as I'm informed,he's coming again in May.And also he officially dedicated 'The Divine' video to the bulgarian nurses in Libya,which is really a great gesture.He is amazing..Thank you,Glenn.We love you! :heart: