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    I was planning to stay out of this, so that people doesn't think Rasmus and I are ganging up on you just because we're running "that other site".

    But I'm sad to say I agree with Rasmus. I've seen Glenn three times the last eleven years and each time I've had a great experience in general but far from perfect, and far from the 110% pjoslo mentioned.

    First time was in my hometown of Malmö, on the Addiction tour. I was looking forward to the show as always but especially because one of my favorite drummers was in the band, Morgan Ågren. There were very few in attendance in the audience. Even despite the fact that the club tried to drag more people in by letting everyone with a ticket to Yngwie Malmsteen the week before Glenn's gig get in to see Glenn for free. Glenn was pissed off most of the show, didn't say much to the audience and the show was cut short. A lot of anger seemed directed towards the monitor engineer but GH was clearly not satisfied with the turnout in the club either.

    On the same tour, I read more reports of Glenn being pissed off at the monitor guy. Being a sound engineer myself, I wondered where I should turn to offer my services to Glenn but sadly, no luck :confused:

    The next time was on the second HTP tour. The guys played Copenhagen and once again, we got a GH who spent more time cursing his monitor engineer and making faces to his fellow band members than communicating with the audience.

    Finally, I saw Glenn on this tour, late last year in Copenhagen. Once again, a small crowd. And once again, a very excited myself because Glenn has once again enlisted another one of my favorite drummers, Mark Mondesir. Musically, it was a good show, except for the guitarist messing up the "Burn" riff. And once again, for GH's attitude. He was once again clearly not satisfied with the crowd. He was annoyed with people smoking in front of the stage, which I can understand but he dealt with it in a very unprofessional way, ruining at least one song for the rest of us who respected his wish and not smoked. He also made very weird sexist jokes about homosexuals that made all of us in our group wonder what the hell he was up to, even though we are straight as sticks, all of us. If someone in the room was gay, I don't think they are fans of GH anymore. GH was making signs (drag finger over throat) to Mondesir that made me think songs were either cut short or dropped from the set.

    Now, a low audience turnout, bad monitors and smoke in your face can indeed ruin your day at work. But if you are a professional artist, you don't let that get to you. You fire your monitor man and get a new one in. You tell the venue in advance to put up signs banning people from smoke. If people still smoke, you have your road manager to sort out the problem with the venue staff/security. This is the same kind of problems fans of Ritchie Blackmore has had to put up ith for years. One person yawns during the show - no encore for the other 10, 100, 1000's of people in the place. That is not what I call professional, or giving 110% for the fans.

    And yes, I am still a fan. But I don't think GH, or DP, or anyone who ever was in DP for that matter, are the biggest and most successful artists in the world anymore. I don't think they are without faults either. Oh, and I hate when GH stomps on his wah-wah thing and ruins his otherwise beautiful versions of "Mistreated" :)