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    Well, I usually try to buy the Japanese editions when I can. The quality of the packaging is better than the EU/UK/US editions and you from time to time get some kind of bonus or more music for your money if you want to put it that way. But of course with Soul Mover and M4TD they added different bonus tracks to the Japanese and the EU editions so that meant, being a completist, I had to buy both... :lol:

    Overheard a radio program on Sveriges Radio P1 (Swedish Radio) today. The host, Pär Holmgren, played something that sounds like an audience bootleg of a song titled Phoenix Rising, performed by a band called Orsa Spelmän together with Glenn Hughes.

    The link to the radio program's website (in Swedish):…ramID=2071&Artikel=869869

    Direct link to the the broadcast (fast forward to 01:08:57):…/Sounds/Sommar-060714.asx

    Can answer this one myself, now that I'm holding the Japanese release in my hands... :bouncer2:

    The track is a 4:12 long, all acoustic take on This House (no drums or strings). Some studio chat here and there, Glenn's vocals are a bit too low in the mix and I think the words are unfinished.

    Actually, I'm glad they replaced NiWS with this rough version of This House. I don't think that NiWS fits M4tD since it's a cover and it wasn't recorded specifically for the album. I didn't quite get the idea behind taking an already released song and puting it on an album of new material, without making any substantial changes but doing a slight remix. To me M4tD makes more sense without NiWS than with it...

    They weren't a complete con when it was the regular album tracklist plus a bonus track. As with Soul Mover it's a different version of the album and as a fan I'm now "forced" to buy two versions. The one with the European bonus track and the one with the Japanese bonus track.

    OK, now I see that we are talking about two different issues here. I'm NOT talking about the obvious vinyl effect at the start of Inside & Above (and some other tracks). I'm talking about the VERY, VERY quite clicks that are present throughout the whole CD. You've got to listen through headphones, maybe more than a couple of times but they are there.

    Don't know if I'm making myself perfectly clear here but maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about? These clicks could of course be part of the vinyl effect and I'm just paranoid... :1:

    I thought there was something wrong with my CD so I downloaded different mp3-versions (and even a wave-version) of the album but they all turned out to have the same annoying noise. Maybe there was some screw up in the mastering process?

    Surely there couldn't have been any intention of recreating the vinyl sound on a CD? That would kind of miss out on the whole point of a CD - which among other things consists of getting rid of the vinyl noise.

    I recently bought a used copy of Incense & Peaches but I'm not sure it's the real thing. I heard about a bootleg floating around so I'm wondering if someone who ownes the original release or the bootleg (if such does exist), could describe them or maybe post some photos? I've looked around on the Net but no-one shows more than the front cover...