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    The phone company says broadband. But they use 3DES microwave radios to get out of town, and they are at capacity. So when the pipe is full I can be running as low as 23k. Yep, dial up speed.

    But I have also gotten incredible speed. 8000K. They don't know how to limit your bandwidth consumption, so in the middle of the night when the radios are "empty" you can chew it all up.

    But it is normally slower, as opposed to faster.

    I also maintain a dial up account at a second ISP in case the broadband goes down, I can at least get email.


    So I was sitting at my desk today, and heard one of our staff members (who was using the fax) say "Smoke on the Water". Right away my ears perked up. Then I heard her say "Didn't Deep Purple do that?" To which someone else said "Yes" Then the first lady said "Deep Purple, weren't they one of those one hit wonders?"

    I fainted.


    I saw a newspaper article that indicated he had injured himself. It stated that he was performing martial arts moves, and hit himself with the staff. I think it said that he had gotten 40 stitches from the incident, but my memory is unclear on that point. I do know that it said some (possibly all) dates could be cancelled. It mentioned nothing about other illness.

    Thanks James. I knew there was a way to get there, but didn't know how.

    I suppose this time I'll save it for future refference. Hopefully, it won't be needed, but just in case.

    I don't want to sound like a broken record, but is anyone else being redirected over at Looks like the same thing as last time to me.


    Hi Grace,

    You may wish to try again. I just posted a reply, and it went through okay.

    Maybe the board was having a brain cramp or something. Who knows with these infernal machines.


    Does anybody know when it's going to be back online? Or am I the only one not getting through?

    Or is it threw? I can't spell worth a darn.