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    Oh I don't think there's any question that he's done with the band.

    My guess is he dropped the bombshell and it was met with anger which would be perfectly reasonable in this case after everything they went through and all of the talk of this being the dream band etc.

    I'm pretty sure the tone was hey if you can't tour then don't be in the band at all. Again a reasonable thought and response given the circumstances.

    This scenario would explain the "I wasn't going to be bullied into touring comment".

    His attitude was then likely %$*& fine then I'm done with the whole thing!!

    Make no mistake, there is bad blood here. You can just feel it. These things aren't said if there weren't. I wasn't there and I have no inside info but I think my take on it makes sense given the facts we do have.

    The sad thing here is that unlike Joe, Jason led us and presumably the band to believe he was all in. He apparently never really was.

    I'm a little surprised by Glenn's silence on the matter but then sometimes that is the best policy. I'm sure he wants to forge ahead with a positive vibe.

    Man it just never ends!

    I'm still at a loss at how you go from this band is my baby, my number one to this?!?!

    I guess perhaps that was true until a better deal came along. People have to do what they feel is the right thing. I get that. But man Jason if this is how it went down, you really turned the screw on these guys who were supposed to be dear friends. Going out on a support tour making little $$ is a part of starting something new like this. You said you were committed.

    Glenn, we will see you in Lancaster and likely at the Starland in NJ. Keep the dream alive. Maybe Joey will appreciate what a chance he has here.

    We're pulling for you my friend!

    Got the album and heard it on my crappy work computer at low volume. Gonna have us a good meal in a few along with a couple drinks then we are having a proper listen.

    Already have songs stuck in my head. I'll post a full review after I absorb it more.


    I was shocked when I read that today! It goes to show that you never know. Thankfully they are able to do so much today with these things. I'm still shocked my friend.

    God bless you and your awesome wife. Glad you are in this world and can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks in NYC.

    Gonna be epic!!!

    Heres to many many more years brother!!! :claphands


    I knew you were getting a sly jab in...I am going up the night before the show...and I hope I can run into some fellow GHCP's before the big event. Has it been almost 5 years since the two shows in NYC??

    Looking forward to seeing you folks!!

    Its been over 5 years!! That was late March of 2009. We had a blast hanging out with you and Bart. Haven't seen him at all around here for a very long time.

    But yes we must meet up. We are planning on being there early afternoon day of show. So lets come up with a plan. Haven't seen much activity here. Was hoping more of the GHCP's would be all over this.

    I really hope Glenn will reunite with JJ and Kollman to make a new album. Addiction, SITKOR, HTP... All excellent. Superb vocals from Glenn with a focus on melodies and great songs. It will be interesting to see how CB compares.

    I see absolutely zero chance of that happening. He has said over and over as of late that he's moving forward and has no desire to ever go back to the past.

    I myself am happy about that. Those are good albums you mentioned. I can always put them on at any time. I'm glad we are getting something new with new players.

    It was indeed a great time!! It was my 42nd birthday. This show will be 4 days short of my 49th. Hard to believe that was 7 years ago!

    Anyway, we got our tickets today so we are New York bound :bouncer:
    Wouldn't miss this for anything!!

    Who else is going? Lets get a good meetup going.

    This is great!! A Saturday night in NYC!!

    Very stoked about the new band, new album and this show.

    So the BIG question is? Who is coming to the show?

    We need to get a good meet up pre show going.

    Everyone check in and we'll make a plan. been a long time since we've all hung out together.

    These are the days! :clapper: