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    Marco can really raise the spirits with his precence..saw him after whitesnake's finland concert with doug Aldrich and couple of local musicians playing bits of funk, soul, r'n'r etc...he really can handle singing and bass playing the same time...everybody had a real good time! I can see why you felt little better

    Bye, M

    This is a great intence show indeed...if i remeber correctly Bon starts problem child with 'thank you pete Drummond' and interrupting presentation...Look on the speakers face is mmm funny :) Long live Bon Scott true rocker!!!

    DanielB I agree with you 100%...i only hope that these critics
    won't keep anybody from buing this dvd because if you only
    look at the bad sides you might get the picture of very poor
    expression and that's not the truth at all...
    The's still very good singing, playin, direction, etc...
    I agree that DC voice is not the same anymore but other hand i
    found some charisma and personality in his singin..
    like you said you either find the 'feel' or you dont...
    i found the feel from the both old and new...

    Like Glenn said : you are the music we are just a band..;)

    peace and love brothers :)


    Don't know what it is why people seems to give more effort finding faults and mistakes about David singing instead of enjoying it....I found new WS dvd most entertaining as ever..and there's enough wrong notes and graspy sounds in Coverdales Voice to make it sound like live....
    I find it very hard to beliave that there's going to be another dvd from whoever to match this one...
    Btw... i catched two live shows from that tour...and the bands
    playing was as good as in dvd...I don't think aldrich and beach
    needs to do overduppin...
    Whoever don't have this one it!! Don't listen those needles critics...



    Hi Guys

    Thought i'd recommend new Richie kotzen/ forty deuce
    CD for all you GH fans.
    It's very much in the same genre as our 'daddy' here and
    i think many of you would enjoy it..
    So if you're planning to go grab some cd's this might be
    worth checking...


    Good set anyway, captain is far out. i wish i'd been there ( cab fee was bit

    too high for

    Check out Jake e lee's and Ray Gillens Badlands discs if you can find any
    i sure can hear some Grand funk in there....

    best regards


    Murders Burn? isn't that a little bit too much..?? i was in two concert here in Helsinki and i liked what i saw...No overweighted 'hasbeen' mumbling old tunes but sheer power and talent..Coverdale has always been the craspy one of 'righteus bros' so i didn't expect pure vocals or pavarotti either.. Man...Coverdale is a Shouter but a damn good one.

    Btw i'm a fan of 70's rock and i want to see/ hear long solos. They're part of the show in my opinion... Well that's about it i just dig Cov as mush i dig Glenneth and i do hope everyone in this board will have a fabulous x-mas!!

    best regards

    Mark/ Finland

    Ps. Santa says hi all :)