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    Somebody posted something similar on the Queenonline forum about a month ago but I couldn't find any news on it on the internet. When I went to the Queen fan club gig at Brixton on 28 March I was in the queue for hours next to a guy who knows Paul Rodgers and who was heavily involved in a Free website and he said that the rumours were not true and that Andy was, as far as he was aware, alive and well.

    Hopefully the rumour isn't true.

    Their version of All Right Now is pretty good, Brian May extends the solo a litlle but apart from that it is pretty faithful to the original.

    They also play Free's Little Bit Of Love and Bad Co's Seagull, Can't Get Enough and Feel Like Making Love.

    Brian May has said that they are planning to do dates in America later this year...if all goes well in Europe.

    The spark was the Fender Strat 50th Anniversary concert at Wembley, which I also attended. Paul Rodgers and Brian May performed together. They decided it felt good and needed a drummer...enter the excellent Roger Taylor. The Hall of Fame performance "cemented" their union!!

    As regards Queen fans...don't we all believe that Glenn is the greatest vocalist ever? We're not much different to them really ;)

    I went to the fan club show at the Brixton Academy in London and it was excellent and also very moving in places.

    Paul Rodgers is ok and hopefully will have learnt all the words and the tunes to certain songs (A Kind Of Magic, I Want To Break Free for example).

    Brian May's guitar playing is awesome and Roger Taylor managed to play the drums like a demon for the whole 2 hour show.

    I won't spoil it if anybody is going to see one of the shows on the tour but...Freddie does sing!! :clapper:

    I'll be at the London show tonight, my 10th GH gig since '94. I really hope he's on stage at a reasonable time. 10.30 is far too late and lots of people have to get trains home! Am taking three GH virgins with me tonight and I'm sure they'll love it.

    I think Glenn should perhaps be considered as the bass player/joint vocalist for Queen, but can't see Mr Rodgers agreeing to that. Or perhaps they have dismissed Glenn after hearing his version of Killer Queen...let's be honest that isn't very good is it? ;)

    They'll probably release the 1975 live in Japan stuff as part of this ongoing 1968/1976 collection. Don't know if there's any footage from 1976 though.

    Have the new Blackmore's Night DVD, it's a 5 track sampler and comes free with their latest CD compilation. The DVD is not out of synch and is excellent quality.

    I listened to the cd first and couldn't wait to see the dvd but was really disappointed with the picture quality. It's like watching something over the internet, very poor. And the sound being out of sync spoils it even more. I'm astonished that anybody thought this footage was good enough for release, they should have just given us the cd and then filmed something else at a later date. The performances are excellent though, no question about that, and yes I agree that Glenn seems to be holding back on the high notes at times (not a criticism though, just an observation). So...10 out of 10 for the cd but definitely a thumbs down for the dvd, which kills me as the excellent packaging promised so much!