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    What about that amazing scream Glenn does after he sings It is written......

    That has to be one of the most intense things I have ever heard in my life.
    Each time I hear that, it freaks me out - in a good way Glenn, a good way mate!

    :singer: :clapper:

    Thanks heaps hughesfan for the feedback and for the tiny GH comparisons. Yes man, how can I not be inspired by the man who is the worlds greatest rock singer.
    It's an honor for you to have said that - even if it's something as small as the downward inflection.

    As for the inspiration for the song; lets just say I am compelled to write about what and whom I am surrounded by and exposed to, both the good and the bad.

    Cheers bro,


    Hi all,

    I know it's been a long time between drinks, but I've been busy looking for a job (and not having any luck) and in the meantime, I've been doing a tiny bit of television extra work, which pays, but is sporadic and there's no way one could make a living off that alone, so I'm going to study for a few months.

    Meanwhile, music is still a major part of my life and when inspired to do so, I come up with a song and have to put the idea down, before it vanishes back into the ether, from which it came.

    I've taken to making mega low budget video clips, that accompany my songs - they aren't terribly exciting, but I feel it's better than having a static image to stare at for a few minutes.

    Anyway, without further ado, here's my latest song and video; Jealous Man.

    [ame='']YouTube- Mike Sarantos - Jealous Man[/ame]

    Glenn Hughes Live At The Gaelic Club
    Sydney, Australia.
    26th April 2009

    It was an incredibly windy Sunday afternoon.
    Dead leaves were scooped up off the street and danced violently in miniature whirlpools.
    Trees bent and swayed, birds were nowhere to be seen.
    Only those brave enough to walk the streets did so, wincing as the wind whipped itself into a psychotic frenzy.
    Indoors was the place to be on such a day.
    Peering out the window at a local bar, I observed that mother nature was trying to warn us, that something big was about to happen.

    Yes folks - Glenn Hughes is playing tonight at the Gaelic Club.

    It had been three long years, since Glenn had graced us with his presence.
    That intimate soiree at The Basement back in 2006, has become something of a legend. When punters meet and discuss that night, they do so with glowing affection, as if they had been touched by something other-worldly.

    Tonight's show would offer something a little different.

    Glenn Hughes was back, but this time, with a four piece band (five including Glenn) Performing classics from Deep Purple, Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall as well as some solo material, Glenn Hughes was in control even before he hit the stage.

    All the classics were there from the opener Stormbringer, Might Just Take Your Life, and Muscle & Blood to the newer songs off F.U.N.K like Crave and Love Communion. Glenn even showed off his guitar skills on one song, the Trapeze classic Coast to Coast. Not only is the man an amazingly brilliant singer and bass player, but he plays guitar just as well as you could imagine.

    The absolute highlight for me, is the vocalization at the end of Mistreated - it just seems to get better and better each time Glenn sings it. You can see the man, reaching into his never ending bag of magic, pulling out the most soulful phrasing I have ever heard coming from a white Hard Rock musician.

    The only slight disappointment for me, (and I do want to emphasize the word slight) was the omission of Dopamine from the set. It was listed, but for reasons unknown, the song wasn't performed.

    I would have loved to have heard some Iommi/Hughes material (Seventh Star, Stranger) but we know Glenn will be coming back to Australia to play more shows for us.

    Simply put, this was an amazing performance, my voice is still a little hoarse from yelling like a madman. I don't care, 'cuz I got to see (and hear) rock'n'roll royalty in my home town tonight!

    Not only that, but I was so happy to have met Glenn again (already met him at The Basement in '06) and he was happy to have a chat and sign the set list I had seized earlier.

    Thank you Glenn, thanks mate! :D

    Glenn wants to come here once a year for the next five years?
    That's great news for us Aussies!!

    Although I like many, many bands, I would only go to see a handful of bands or artists perform live - fortunately, Glenn Hughes is one of them.