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    Hey guys, been wanting to write something like this for a while. Finally got around to recording it and making a dodgy video clip in Window's Movie Maker.

    Images were pulled from google. Hope I don't get into trouble. Anyway, here's Lazy Winter's Day by me....

    I can't stop listening to this great, great release. I feel it's the best thing I have heard for many years. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned by anyone else, but I think Kevin Shirley should be given a mention for doing such a fine job on the album.

    I find it hilarious that Phil Collins Motown covers album, mysteriously goes to number one. As if they didn't fudge the numbers on that one. These charts are all based on pre sales anyway and do not reflect actual album sales. If I wanted to listen to a white guy, sing like a black soul singer - I'd rather listen to Glenn Hughes anyday - not some stocky little bald guy, from Chiswick.

    All of that aside. I've been listening to nothing but BCC since Sunday and it only gets better with each listen. I think "The Great Divide" is an absolute work of art. Well done guys! :claphands

    Finally got myself a copy of the album and began writing my review almost immediately.

    Now, the following words I type are something I have been holding onto, ever since this project was announced. I wanted to make sure, my intuition was in fact right. I knew, that with Glenn behind the mic and of course, Joe, Jason and Derek - that this would be the band that Them Crooked Vultures failed to be. Now I admire Jonsey a hell of a lot and Grohl is alright at what he does. But Josh Homme is most certainly not a musical equal, to John Paul Jones - he is in fact, quite an amateurish musician with rudimentary guitar skills at best. I found that Vultures album got tired, even before the last song spun - it was a hoax. Which is exactly what BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is not. I hear four musicians on equal footing, offering up some real classic ROCK in 2010.

    The first track Black Country is an absolute ball-tearer - I was won over just from the bass line alone. The second track One Last Soul I had downloaded when it was made available and it's as equally impressive. By the time The Great Divide was into the first verse, I had began to tear up. Glenn, you are the best mate. I said it to you at The Gaelic Club gig - you said that I was the best, but nah man you are the man. Your music is powerful and moves me emotionally and I love it when my favorite bands feed my soul mate!

    What impresses me about BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is of course the songs, but I am equally as struck how different they are from earlier works - you don't repeat yourself and everything sounds fresh, raw and kick-arse. I am also impressed with the shared vocal duties at certain times - great stuff!
    Thanks guys. Thanks for delivering the goods and I look forward to seeing you on tour. I'll be there!

    Black Country Communion's debut release, get's an 11 out of 10 from me :thumbup:

    I still haven't had time to find it yet - flat out with work, but I will get it, never fear!
    Good to see this release getting great reviews in the press. It's about time the rest of the world, woke up to the fact that GH is supreme rock royalty and an amazing talent.

    I'm absolutely heart broken. Someone I've been listening to and been a huge admirer of since before I was a teenager has left us and it's really a difficult thing to accept.

    Just last week, I was on my way to college on the bus, listening to some stuff off Mob Rules and wondering how Ronnie was doing. I figured that since Heaven & Hell had some European dates, scheduled with The Big Four, that he must have pulled through and beaten this terrible thing.

    Come Monday morning and I log on to read that Ronnie had passed away, I was and am still devastated. I'm fighting back the tears and it's hard when listening to Stargazer and hearing him belt out lines like "Going home, I'm going home" just crushes me man, it ****ing crushes me! :(

    Apologies for the expletive!

    I am crushed, I cannot believe this news. I've spent as much time as I could today, listening to Rainbow and Black Sabbath. The world will never be the same without you Ronnie, but the great gift you have given us, we will cherish until we join you on the other side.

    Rest in Peace mate!


    With my band QUAYLEAF, we've managed to record two brand new tracks. We did them ourselves - basically recorded the drums on bassist Damian McDonald's 24 track and I did the remaining overdubs, on my BOSS BR-1600 here at home.

    So, we're not professional engineers or anything, just merely 'went for it' and hoped for the best.

    RUBY is a song about a beautiful young woman, with a myriad of personal problems and a life in an eternal shade of grey. The idea of the change in the middle, is supposed to reflect of how a relationship can go from happiness and innocence, to heart ache and despondency in such a short space of time and ends, with a touch of melancholy.

    The instrumental track A NEW BEGINNING is about to have keyboards added to it. Our Drummer Andy K, is mates with some whizz-bang session key guy, who took one listen to it and wants to add some keyboard layers - so here is the pre-key version. I may add more of a solo later, still not sure on that yet.*pronounced "Key-Leef"