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    Hi Achim, liked this a lot more than what I've listened to before of yours, but I really think it needs some "texture" built into it. In other words, it has to build more to a climax , and you can do this in the production. What would Neil Young do with this song?
    Good luck my friend!

    Best regards, John

    I'm not really a self promotionalist, but a collegue at work for reasons best known to himself, put my name "John Hackney" into google images and came up with me and Prince Charles!!!
    He visited our newspaper back in 1992ish and sure enough, there I am with the man himself. Prince Charles, Mel Galley, Glenn Hughes! where will it end – maybe one day I'll get to meet David and Shirean one day . . .?
    Lol John:thumbup:

    And come on Roonaldo!!

    I agree, here in the UK, the expectation is always much greater than the reality – let's hope that Saturday is the day we show the world what we can do. I have to say that back in '66 no one really expected us to beat Portugal in the semi-final, but what a performance. How things have changed – me and a group of pals were on holiday in the south of England and were running out to the car radio, between pints, to catch up on the radio commentry!! How thing have changed in 40 years.

    After the Trapeze reunions of the 90s, I have to confess to having lost touch with what the big fella was doing. My colleague at work, John Ogden re-introduced me to Glenn's work a couple of years ago. One album was a real heavy rendering with members of Motley Crew? And then I heard SITKOR. I'm sorry folks but for me, this ain't been bettered. Glenn is a prolific writer, singer and collaborator and I so admire his tenacity in the pursuit of excellence in his career. I really believe that within all the albums after Key of Rock, there are some wonderful tracks mixed in with some 'familiar groove songs' that are interpreted as Glenn finding his 'ultimate direction'. Take these out and put them onto a greatest hits rendering and you really do have a world beater!
    When you got this guys talent you don't need to redefine where your going – he's already there!
    The collaboration with Soulmover is brilliant, long may it prosper, but dare I suggest that Chad is getting more from this friendship, musically, than Glenn?

    Hello Mark3, I agree about Radio 2 – isn't it the sort of thing Johnny Walker might pick-up on with his new Sunday evening show? But hey, aren't we showing our age with Radio 2!!! What about Kerrang! and it's based in Birmingham?

    Hey Chustler, I was there! Great gig. I live about 2 miles from the place. What's the content of the footage like and how much is there?

    Unfortunately, they closed the Robin about 18 months ago but JBs just up the road is as good, that's where we saw Glenn last year.

    Cheers, John

    Hi Paul, I had a company called Publicitywise in 1980 and did the merchandise for Journey on their inaugural European tour promoting the 'Infinity' album. Went out on the German dates with the band which included Neil Schoen and other founder member Greg Rollie. Did you Know they were founder members of Santana?

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    Anyone else here dig Little Feat? I've always known of them, but never actually listened to them. On a whim, I picked up their Live From Neon Park disc, and I'm having a ball spinning that thing - it's a funkified rock and blues party, drenched in New Orleans soul. Superb.

    Next up? The band's revered 'Waiting For Columbus' live disc, featuring the late Lowell George.


    Hey Todd are you kidding? These guys played on the same bill as Trapeze back in the late 60s-early 70s. I remember the boys coming back off one of their 10 week tours to the US with the Dixie Chicken album. They were a major influence on Trapeze after that. If you listen to the self titled "Trapeze" album. I think it was the last record that Glenn appeared on with the band – have a listen to "Nothin' for Nothing" and you'll see what I mean.
    I went with Mel last year to see the present incarnation of Little Feat in Wolverhampton. It's the original line-up minus Lowell George of course and they were somewhat disappointing. I've got a very early boot of a radio broadcast they did in 1973.
    Put 1973–04–10 Ultra Sonic Studio Hempsted into your search engine and enjoy what the Feat were all about . . . Enjoy!
    PS Lowell George was a founder member of 60s West Coast outfit The Turtles, then was in Zappa's Mothers of Invention directly before forming Little Feat.

    Hello Floridians, I can't believe what's happening over there!
    It seems crazy to my wife and me that we were seriously considering buying a holiday home down on Anna Maria less than 18 months ago, when the weather didn't seem to turn really sh***y till September time.
    We'd still like to do it but listening to you guys, I don't think we'll bother right now!

    Keep your heads down folks, and stay safe.


    I gave Mel a printout of your comments following the posting of his answers, and he asked me to convey his sincere gratitude for the interest and appreciation of all you GHPGers who followed this thread. He also wanted me to tell you that he's overwhelmed with the whole thing!

    Best wishes, John

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    I'll check it out, but I believe Mel had some kind of wasting disease in his right arm as a child, as he grew the arm got stronger. But as he's got older the weakness has returned.

    Regards, Hackney

    Saw Mel on Saturday and clarified the problem with his right arm – he had some kind of infection aged around 15/16 years of age and spent some time in an isolation hospital. It appears the infection attacks the nervous system and it destroyed some of the musclr tissue in Mel's upper arm. When all those years later the accident with Sykes caused a similar infection to attack the wound surrounding the break in his left arm and the nerves therein.

    Regards, Hackney

    I'll check it out, but I believe Mel had some kind of wasting disease in his right arm as a child, as he grew the arm got stronger. But as he's got older the weakness has returned.

    Regards, Hackney

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    Thanks for the kind words....i'm as proud as a whore in church.
    Don't forget about the Bush bashin Dixie Chix..i'm on that one too.
    All hail big daddy!:bow:

    Hey Soulmover, wierd to hear you're on the Dixie Chix thang, is it any coincedence that I thought I heard a "Jury" riff in their current UK single? Maybe I've been around Big G and the Trapeze vibe for too long!!!

    Love the new RHCP album by the way,

    Regards, Hackney

    Hi everyone,
    Unbelievably, I have just sent the final batch of answers to Wolfysmith for him to collate and put online, hopefully by the weekend.

    My sincere apologies for the long delay in getting this together, I hope you'll find it worth waiting for.

    Thanks once again for your patience.

    As I've transcribed Mel's answers from his hand printed notes, it occoured to me that there may be some value in them.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable home for them, maybe a GHPG competition or charity auction?