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    Hello everyone, just spoke with Mel and told him of the responses on this site. He wants to thank all of you for your messages of love over the last few days since his illness was diagnosed. He knows he's had a fantastic life and has experienced things people can only dream about – and for that he's extremely grateful.

    In order to maintain some privacy at this time he would be grateful if you send your letters to my address.

    Mel Galley
    c/o 30, Station Road,
    DY9 0NU

    Be patient friends, I need to check with Mel that's it's OK to post his home address. I feel it will be OK, but I want to hear from him and he's not taking calls this evening.

    I'll post tomorrow.

    It is with much sadness that Mel has asked me to inform his friends and fans on GHPG that his illness has, in the last few days, been declared terminal.

    His hope is that he may reach his 60th birthday on March 8.

    I spent a few hours with him last night, and he's in good spirits. We had a few drinks, a few tears and loads of laughs.

    I left him with my spirits lifted and at peace with the situation – a peace he would wish you all to share.

    I was in California over the weekend and spoke with Glenn by phone while he was at NAMM and he told me about Mel's illness.

    Glenn, as we all know, is a big believer in the power of prayer and is urging all Mel's fans to say one for him.

    I spoke to Mel the following day, and he knows he "has a mountain to climb", but is extremely positive to come through this very difficult time.

    From the outset Trapeze in all of it's parts was a groundbreaking outfit and each player important to the overall success. As a three-piece band who gained it's reputation on live performance, fancy virtuoso indulgences would never have worked. Dave was always a key figure on the live performances, and Trapeze live were always exceptional. As much as they strived to produce their live sound in the studio, seeing them live was always a great experience.

    When Oggers retired from the newspaper last year, I made a farewell card for all of his colleagues to sign using one of those great Ellis shots. I simply added the words 'Goodbye Johnny, be good!' :lol:

    He just works one day a week at the paper now and brings a wealth of nostalgic knowledge that will be sorely missed when he finally hangs up his quill.

    Just to add to what Wolfie posted, Mel having confronted Mr Grimley, was so shaken by the experience, he had to leave the house and go to the car leaving the reporter there. A few minutes later, Grimley comes out of the house with this object under his arm and walks across to Mel and gives him this 'Fender" Strat!!! as he would like his guitar hero to have it ( Mel thinks it's probably a copy) – he then goes back to the house and brings another of his guitar collection out for Mel to autograph!

    When Mel first met this guy, he was posing as a Whitesnake fan himself and the retired policeman friend asked Grimley for his autograph, which he duly signed "Mel Galley" onto a cd sleeve. Then Mel asked his pal to show Grimley the inner sleeve which had a picture of Mel with the claw.

    At this point Grimley got the message and said "You're him aren't you?"

    Mel explained that he had to stop this charade because it was upsetting a lot of people, at which point Grimley proceeded to deny that he had been posing as Mel!!!

    "Excuse me" says Mel, "you just gave us a f****** Mel Galley autograph'.

    Finally as Mel and the police friend were about to leave, the cop shouts after Grimley,"Bye Mel!" Grimley turns round and says "Bye folks". I don't think we've heard the last of this one.

    Those of you with bootlegs of the Andy Field Benefit Show performed by the reformed Trapeze in March 1992 may find this of interest.

    Once again they spelt our boy "GLEN" :mad:

    Small world ain't it! The Black Horse was owned by my Grandfather Hackney during the war years. My dad Arthur and his sister Ruth lived there and I can remember being in the pub as a child around 1950-51 aged 4 or 5-years old.

    Hey Bill, thanks for the mention. I'm actually Galley Jnrs godfather – and proud to be so too!

    Hi John, I was going to point you to this link, but now the good news is, the venue has been saved and is planned to re-open in September of this year - more info here - we have the legions of Elvis fans to thank for that :thumbup:

    If you happen to be close by, be sure and take a couple of pix so we can see what it's looking like. Anyway, have a great trip!

    Thanks very much for that David – I'll certainly try and get some pix. Spoke to the PR who's organising the trip yesterday and we have a pretty tight schedule – however, I think we have free time on the day before I fly back to UK! Watch this space. . .

    Hello GHPGs, haven't posted for a while – just haven't had much to say! I've got a press trip to Memphis next month (Feb 23 to 28) and wondered if there are any of you close by to say hello to? Glenn mentioned a couple of days ago that Memphis was big Trapeze country and I'd forgotten that the 'You Are The Music' cover shot by Carl Dunn was at the famous Bandshell venue there – famous also for what is believed to be where Elvis first played a 'proper' concert, probably the first ever 'rock' concert!