Don Dokken demos?

  • I've been listening to the demos Glenn did with Don Dokken. From what I gather, these were recorded in '88/'89 and the songs eventually ended up on Don Dokken's Up From The Ashes (1990). But what's the story behind Glenn singing on tunes meant for a Don Dokken solo album? Also, is the rest of the band playing on these demos the same as the album (Billy White - John Norum - Peter Baltes - Mikkey Dee)?

  • As I remember it, Glenn had already been working with John Norum when John's involvement with the Don Dokken solo project began, so Glenn became involved tangentially in some of the early songwriting and demo work on the DD project through that connection since there was some simultaneous overlap between that and "Face the Truth".

    At one point it was suggested that he might play some bass on the album, and in fact, there had been talk of his working on "Up from the Ashes" in some sort of production capacity as well but, ultimately none of that came to pass.

    Ultimately, Glenn only ended up finishing work on John Norum’s “Face the Truth” album, which was recorded with the participation of some of the members of the Don Dokken band on various tracks as well, and the rest is history as they say, though Glenn did get a writing credit for his work on the ballad "When Love Finds a Fool", which appears on "Up From the Ashes", and is very similar to the demo as you may hear...

  • Thanks for the info. Until recently I didn't even know Glenn was already working with John as far back as '88-'89.

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