Edwardsville, Illinois, USA - Setlist - Classic Deep Purple Live - February 7th, 2024

  • Apologies to Webmaster David for cribbing the following, but it's accurate for this show, as well:

    Glenn and his band, featuring Søren Andersen (guitars), Ash Sheehan (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keys), performed Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live last night in Edwardsville, Illinois, USA at Wildey Theatre:

    Might Just Take Your Life
    Sail Away
    You Fool No One / Guitar Solo (interpolating Slow Blues Song (I'm Goin Down?) and Lazy) / High Ball Shooter / Drum Solo / You Fool No One
    Gettin' Tighter
    You Keep On Moving

    Highway Star


    We met up with GH at the meet-and-greet beforehand. He was as pleasant and friendly as always.

    I presented him with a variety of items to autograph, including a Deep Purple/Nazareth concert shirt from 1976. With some trepidation, I also presented my orange-vinyl copy of Trapeze Lost Tapes Vol.1, coupled with a prefatory comment that he might understandably decline to sign the LP.

    He didn’t recognize it at first; I don’t think he’d ever seen a copy. GH flipped it over to look at the song list and was bemused. I praised the 4 songs from the pre-Medusa sessions and he was interested to hear them. My friend, Tim, also touted Breakdown to him. He shared some details about his recent Tom Galley conversations leading up to the release of Lost Tapes, and mildly lamented that it had gone forward. GH did take umbrage at the listing of a particular, unidentified song. Perhaps he thought that the Lost Tapes song Destiny was the same as the song from his Play Me Out album (a Hughes/Galley/Holland-written song)? They’re very different songs and production values, of course.

    Ultimately, GH said he’d always autograph Galley and Holland items because of the reverence he held for his old bandmates.

    On to the show. We did note that, oddly enough, Lights of Tokyo from Lost Tapes was in the pre-show house music!

    The setlist was in the established form. Unlike the show in Houston last September (with Malmsteen), he played the FULL GH setlist, including the YFNO>solos>HBS>YFNO marathon sprint. That made our night! It brought to mind the long jams of the Deep Purple era, for certain.

    We observed that the band stretched out/jammed and played around with the format of some songs; understandable given the duration of this tour and static setlists, and very welcome.

    A great show, and very much looking forward to seeing it again at the Mozark Festival in September!

  • Great review. Thanks a lot. Looking very forward to the show in Zoetermeer, the Netherland in May. Persnally I would like to see him play the whole Burn album:thumbup:

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

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