Glenn Hughes and Robin George - Overcome ?

  • I saw where Cherry Red is releasing a CD by Glenn Hughes and Robin George titled "Overcome" on 11/24/2023. It has 13 tracks and the description is "Long lost collaboration recorded in 1989". Does anyone know if these are the exact same recordings (with 2 extra tracks of course) that are on the Sweet Revenge record or are these possibly demo versions of the songs on Sweet Revenge?

    Glenn Hughes and Robin George: Overcome, CD - Cherry Red Records
    • Long lost collaboration by Glenn Hughes and Robin George, originally recorded in 1989. • Mastered from the original tapes.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    My copy of 'Sweet Revenge' only has 10 tracks so without hunting around in the loft for the CD I can't remember where I got it. I know it was on Krescendo Records though.

    My copy is missing "I Want", "Steal My Heart" & "Loving You" so look forward to hearing those.


    Ben !!

  • I have the ‘Overcome’ CD. Master tapes provided by Robin George. The re-recording of ‘Haunted’ is a lusher affair. Glenn’s vocals are off the scale, in comparison to the version that’s on the ‘Highlander 2’ soundtrack. The recording features Mel Galley,Terry Rowley and presumably Dave Holland on drums and Dave gets a production credit too. Elsewhere the drum sound dates the material but Glenn’s vocals are superb throughout. ‘Loving You’ just features Robin on Acoustic guitar and Glenn on vocals and sounds very contemporary because of the sparse production. I’m so glad this CD is available. With the forthcoming Trapeze -Lost Sessions Vol 1, this is a good time to plug some gaps in your collection!

  • My copy isn’t on Cherry Red Records, unless HNE Records are a subsidiary? Further details:HNE1CD212. The master tape is sourced directly from Robin George himself. I’m especially enjoying the Acoustic/Vocal on ‘Loving You’ & ‘Haunted’. The latter is newer version,and a lusher sounding production. Mel Galley,Dave Holland & Terry Rowley are credited as ‘featuring’ on this.

  • It features some additional songs, plus a new recording of ‘Haunted’ which also features Mel Galley,Dave Holland & Terry Rowley.The master tapes have been supplied by Robin George. The previous release,was sourced from MP3 files, and bootlegged. This new release is the one to get!

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