The Scoot Show - Glenn Hughes Interview - August 2023

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    Deep Purple held a special place in the rock world in the 1970s. Surrounded by pop rock, Deep Purple maintained a true hard rock image. Deep Purple's album "Burn" was - and still is - an epic album that captures the raw, organic nature of rock in a world taken over by technology that can disguise the less talented artists.

    Former bassist and singer for Deep Purple Glenn Hughes is touring to celebrate “Burn’s” 50th anniversary, performing the album along with other classic hits from Deep Purple's catalog of authentic rock music.

    Glenn Hughes will perform Wednesday night at the House of Blues in New Orleans. During my conversation with Glenn on my talk show on WWL, Glenn talked about his goal of performing pure rock free from the marvels of modern technology. Glenn said that rock was intended to be performed on the road with a guitar, and any music that cannot be expressed with just voice and guitar is worthless.

    Glenn talked about the pleasure of seeing teenagers in the audiences today who are singing every word to the classic hits of Deep purple and Glenn even had a great answer to my usual question - "Tell me a good groupie story!"

    My conversation with another artist from the world of rock royalty was filled with excitement about the fact the legends of rock are still performing and grateful for a past that has only created a present and a future.

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