Eddie Trunk Podcast Interview - August 2023

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    Glenn spoke recently with Eddie Trunk and his interview is now featured in the latest weekly episode of The Eddie Trunk Podcast. He chats about Black Country Communion and his upcoming USA tour co-headling wth Yngwie Malmsteen. Prior to Glenn's segment, Joe Bonamassa is interviewed where he talks of BCC, revealing a possible February/March 2024 release date for 'BCC V' 8) along with his other latest happenings!

    Runtime is just over 100 minutes with Glenn's segment kicking in at around the 65 minute mark:

    ‎The Eddie Trunk Podcast: Joe Bonamassa & Glenn Hughes on Apple Podcasts
    ‎Show The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Ep Joe Bonamassa & Glenn Hughes - Aug 16, 2023

    On this episode of The Eddie Trunk Podcast, you’re getting Eddie’s conversations with Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes. Joe spoke about what it’s like being both a prominent blues and rock musician, the success of his live records, his go-to drink and more - and Glenn opened up about his relationships with Tony Iommi and Eddie Van Halen and moving on from The Dead Daisies and both he and Joe spoke about upcoming plans for Black Country Communion .

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