Book about Glenn’s musical output

  • I ‘Crave’ a music focused book on Glenn’s entire recording career. Glenn has been especially busy as a solo artist since 1993.Glenn has sung on a session basis and bigger projects like Hughes/Turner, BCC, Cali Breed & The Dead Daises. I was hoping that someone like Jerry Bloom at Wyner or Martin Popoff, might get the ball rolling?:!:

  • I still have not purchased Glenn's autobiography as I am actually more interested of reading about his musical output and career (business, performance, and songwriting) rather than the tabloid aspects of his past. Such a book mentioned in this post would be most welcomed.

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  • Many years ago, I started interviewing Glenn with the idea of writing just such a music biography, but early in the process I came to understand that it was far too early in his comeback for such a tome, (this was back in the "Blues" and "From Now On" era), as he had many chapters ahead of him that were yet to be written.

    Later on, after he worked on telling his own personal story with Joel McIver, (which really was the book that he needed to write), I decided to just shelve the whole idea, as the Internet had become more of what it is today, and his career was so well-documented on line already, that there seemed little point.

    It was a neat idea at the time, though, and maybe someday someone will give it a go...

  • I would like to read a book that focuses on Glenn’s music output. With contemporary reviews. An overview of the tours from 1993 perhaps too? It needn’t be an expensive Coffee Table book.Getting rights for photographs and other related financial strains are undoubtedly obstacles. Is crowdfunding an option?

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