Setlist for Glenn's solo tour?

  • No, just solo.

    1. L.A. Cut Off

    2. Space High

    3. Soulution

    4. So Much Love To Give

    5. From Now On

    6. Big Time

    7. I Don't Want To Live That Way Again

    8. You Kill Me

    9. Days Of Avalon

    10. Can't Stop the Flood

    11. Written All Over Your Face

    12. She Moves Ghostly

    13. Black Light

    14. First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

    15. Heavy

    Not easy to combine the best of set. My dream would be to hear entire Play Me Out live... luckily it is 50 years old pretty soon 😉

  • Here is my solo list:

    1. The boy can play the blues

    2. Shake the ground

    3. Big time

    4. Coffee and vanilla

    5. Talk about it

    6. The way it is

    7. Neverafter

    8. Stoned in the temple

    9. Take you down

    10. Gone

    11. Soul Mover

    12. Steppin on

    13. My town

    14. Flow

    15. Let it shine.

    Favourite albums: Blues, Feel, The way it is and Resonate :)

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • Steady,Homeland,Talking To Messiah, Coffee And Vanilla,High Road,Standing On The Rock, Angela, Blue Jade,Madeleine,The Curse,Fools Condition,Getting Near To You,It’s About Time,I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again.

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