The Dead Daisies - Radiance

  • Ash Sheehan is the drummer who played on the last Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live tour (a big part of that tour).

    His style is close to seventies Ian Paice style (especially Stormbringer and Come taste the band en PAL : rock with funk and jazz influences).

    He also plays on Tony Iommi Scent Of Dark (instrumental song 2021).

    Great Drummer. Take a listen a YouTube :thumbup:

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  • Holy Ground is definately the winner. Better songs with a kinda gothic feel. Got only positive reviews (a lot) in Europe. I think this will be the Daisies highest point with Glenn: after this it only can go downward. I think the magic is over now.

    Time for something different :)

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  • Yep, I also wish Glenn would move ahead rather than fall back to his DP days once again. That's already been done with the GH performs classic DP tour, which lasted for quite some time.

  • Does today's announcement "return to solo career" mean that the bands (TDD and BCC) are over? I must say that I'm a bit sad. It was nicer to wait new music than shows with old setlist.

    T :(

    Personally I'm hoping for a new solo album. I thought Glenn was doing great when he did those albums with Chad Smith and I wish he would've kept doing that instead of BCC. But there was talk of a fifth BCC album only a few months ago so I doubt Glenn suddenly changed his mind about that.

  • Hi,

    I don't know about the situation with BCC... they seem to be together and then they are not and then... too many stars/careers in that band? I hope V gets done and released. ...and at least one more TDD album...but I might be in the minority with my thoughts.

    T :(

  • Glenn said Burn tour 2023-2024 I believe. So I think Daisies is definately done.

    BCC: for me only the first two albums are very good. BCC V nice: but better a new solo album with Ash Sheehan as drummer (that guy is good) :)

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  • Had DC and IP joined Glenn I would have least a little bit better.

    I must say being GH fan has been difficult... Black Sabbath, no Black Sabbath, solo, different kinds of solos, yet different kind of solo...HTP, no HTP, solo, no solo, BCC, no BCC, California Breed, no California Breed, BCC, no BCC, solo...TDD, no TDD, solo...yet, the best is still to come?

    #NowPlaying GH - Cleveland 16.8.2018

    T :(

  • jerklund: that variation is what I like :thumbup:

    I find it difficult to tolerate. Wish he would be like Geoff Tate - he only plays Empire and Rage for Order or Operation Mindcrime and Warning - no matter what set I can attend... 8o

    Seriously - imagine: One night Puprle show and the other Sabbath/Iommi set... how cool would that be?

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    T :)

  • Need to play Holy Ground again. Have been spinning Radiance a few times. If this is it for this lineup I would like to see Corabi back in the band with Marco. Make Some Noise is my favorite DD album.

  • Seriously - imagine: One night Puprle show and the other Sabbath/Iommi set... how cool would that be?

    I would go both nights, for sure. But a tour with Glenn and Iommi himself, playing the whole Seventh Star album would be the best :thumbup:

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  • Not often we agree to disagree... my take is, this is by far the most lackluster project he's been involved with the past few years. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of brilliance, but overall, it's all very underwhelming... IMHO :sint1: Oh and not to mention, why the hell are they having GH do cover songs in the live set - why did they hire him... for his songwriting and to help them get to the next level - they seem not to have much ambition and happy to remain where they are.

    Next ;)

    My take also. I’ve played Holy Ground and Radiance a lot, I tend to listen while working since the pandemic era started rather than the car. I play them then pretty much forget about them after. The new Winery Dogs is similar, competent, but not thought of much after. The best Daisies album was Make Some Noise. Thankfully the new album had no covers, can’t see why you have all this talent in the band either then have to have covers on albums and shows. Pointless.

  • Same Marc. I like Radiance a lot...Holy Ground had a couple of fillers....Radiance is straight in your face hard rock with Doug Aldrich being a natural foil for Glenn...way better than he was with Dio or Whitesnake (I think Aldrich was scared of Coverdale and prob of Dio too)....Those 2 tracks on the best of CD are also pretty awesome, though Glenn is a lil buried in the mix! Two albums, video clips, eps, covid sessions and a couple of well organized tours gave our Man some good exposure to people that did not really know him. Do people know he sang backing vox on the Motley Crue album with Corabi? Maybe Glenn was his vocal coach too ;) On that Dead Daisies Best of it's interesting to have Corabi and Hughes paired together as the Corabi tracks are Slade/Quiet Riot type of tracks...while the Glenn stuff has some more depth to it....and better vocals of course!

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