HTP Grand Finale Spain

  • Photo Courtesy: Susie Baer

    Check out the short video clip (requires Real Player) of the Grand Finale during the last HTP European Tour 2002 show in Granada, Spain, when all the bands were up on stage saying their thank yous and farewells!

    Video Courtesy: Faith Music Co. Ltd
  • That looks great! Kewl. Nice to see the entire
    bill onstage. Now this raises another question:
    who's able to name everybody on this neat


    - Fedor

  • Nice clip!
    I have the strange feeling though, that this is the end for HTP, even if MTM say that there's another Album in the can. True?
    As for the pic - hard to name everybody, Fedor.
    Yet I do remember the Bass Tech especially (light blue shirt), who messed Glenn's gear up in Vienna...

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"



  • Morjens,
    since Glenn had bass problems in Finland (during both gigs) and now I read he had problems also in Vienna - was he having those problems during whole tour? And who's to blame? I'm asking 'cos in Tampere we didn't get to hear "Burn" because of bass problems... :confused:

    yes - I have a strange feeling that HTP is over (I want that 2nd album, but I want also 2nd Hughes/Thrall album...and I WANT SHAPE &( that TOO much?)
    ...I think we will read soon an announcement where Glenn and Joe say that they love each other but they have to do their own music...:)
    It was very successful project, but it was a project and wasn't supposed to last...hope I'm wrong.



  • I can't see JLT or GH ending HTP.... After all the tour was a success, the album has sold well and it has given them alot more attention than recent solo efforts. From my vantage point the HTP album is a masterpiece and the only CD I've bought EVER that has lasted this long (8 months) in my CD player. I'm not playing it every day but it still seems to find it's way there once a week. HTP may get put on hold for awhile but it seems hard to imagine them totally giving it up.. But then again you never know what's next in the world of GH!!!!!!!


  • Tero wrote:

    >...I think we will read soon an announcement
    >where Glenn and Joe say that they love each
    >other but they have to do their own music...:)

    Well, the good thing of a 'Project' is that you
    can stop it when success is lacking, or make a
    sequel when there's demand for more. I guess
    the latter is the case, and that Glenn
    and Joe will be in the studio next year again.

    Before that, Glenn will probably start writing
    for a new solo album, while Joe might be busy
    with his (and with Brazen Abott).

    When there's a deal for Shape 68, I really hope
    that will be something too. So for now I guess
    Glenn will continue to push the magic wagon
    in nex year just like he did this year.


    - Fedor

  • ...yeah, sure I want them to continue but if...
    Shape 68 IS a HUGE success...
    next solo album IS a HUGE success...
    ...will there be a new HTP album?
    They promised one but...i don't have enough fingers to count how many years I've been waiting for Hughes/Thrall II...:)
    ..OR perhaps Joe's next solo album is a big success?
    or Joe needs to go back to Deep Purple/Rainbow?

    good thing with Glenn is that you NEVER know...:)

    I'm listening HTP's Tampere gig right now and I sure can't get enough of this stuff!!! (Fedor/Roberto:I'll send your copies tomorrow)

    T:) :D :D :D

  • Hi Tero, that's great! Thanks!
    Well, with Glenn indeed you never
    know what his next step will be for
    the full 100%. This makes it exciting,
    at least for me. And HTP was pretty
    much of a success, and there's
    enough creativity and inspiration
    left to make a follow-up I think.

    Hughes/Thrall is quite a different story.
    Even when you take my fingers to, we won't
    have enough to count the years. All we can
    do is hope that someday.... Right now the
    to guys are way too busy doing other things.


    - Fedor

  • I think this picture is pretty goooood!!!. Maybe because it was taken in Spain (I'm spanish) or maybe because I am falling in love with one of them.

    Anyway I am sure that this tour has been his best tour in Spain. And I hope they came back soon.

    I love you....

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