Bochum, Germany - June 13th, 2022 - The Dead Daisies

  • Setlist


    Rise Up

    Dead And Gone



    Bustle And Flow

    Lock 'N' Load

    Fortunate Son

    Midnight Moses


    My Fate

    Leave Me Alone

    Saving Grace

    Like No Other (Bassline)

    Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)


    Long Way To Go


  • The show in Bochum was superb.

    The gig was at the Matrix, a old industrial factory building with a gothic atmosphere.

    Perfect for the Dead Daisies and Holy Ground.

    The opener was Unspoken from the Holy Ground album and it was directly clear: the sound was superb: loud but crystal clear (great guy behind the mixing desk). Each instrument could be heard perfectly. Most of all: Glenn’s voice was amazing.

    This was about my 20th Glenn Hughes (involved) concert and his voice seems to get better and better.

    The party went on with a older song: Rise Up and that was what the crowd did. Party time.

    One of the highlights of the evening was the new song Radiance: Doug was heavy riffing on this song and Glenn’s voice and grooving bass brought this song even higher. If this will be the standard for the new album: it will be even better than the last one.

    Bustle and Flow and The dark and moody My Fate where two other major highpoints of this concert.

    Deep Purple’s Mistreated was a welcome bluesy intermezzo in the show with again the excellent voice of rock Glenn Hughes. The covers Fortunate Son en Midnight Moses brought the party to a point of no return.

    Holy Ground was the powerfull conclusion of the regular set.

    The encores where the excellent Daisies oldie Long way to go, starting with the enthousiastic riffing of David Lowy (the guy is really having big fun on stage) and the furious Burn. In Burn Glenn singing is superb again, the line “ The true and only Voice Of Rock.

    Dead Daisies rule, for sure!

    The setlist on the photo is Doug’s list of the Bochum show :)143FA61E-6DF1-41E7-9749-F8C01AA857B3.png


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