The Dead Daisies EUROPE Summer Tour 2022

  • Practically speechless!!!

    The concert in Halle was the real treatment.

    Dino Jelusick was for me a great surprise with his performance.

    Absolute fantastic night.

    Congratulations <3

  • Michael: Ronnie Romero and Dino Jelusick are two multi functional young singers in the tradition of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake.

    Ronnie R. was a his best with Rainbow (singing the Dio stuff) and Dino: A good stand in for Coverdale during the recent Whitesnake tour: He was the guy who sang the high vocal lines (when Coverdale pointed his mike to the audience).

    Dead Daisies: What I heard was that he did a great job as temporary stand in for Glenn.

    For me personal: Glenn is something special: The best hardrock singer in the world (at that age is amazing) and a superb bass player. So thanks to Dino, but Great if Glenn is back for the US Tour.

    For the fans in the USA: go and see the Diasies during the coming tour. Together with Glenn the band is extra special and much better than on the studio recordings: a must see:thumbup:

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